American Airlines Sad Show


Jul 26, 2018
Airlines have you completely at their mercy and it sucks. AA totally screwed my husband which caused him to miss a fishing trip years in the making. Flight delayed and deplaned, he was going to miss his connection to Key West. While in the hour +line (me in the hour+ line on the phone at home ), the plane leaves, no loudspeaker announcement, AFTER the plane leaves he gets a text that he has been rebooked out of Charlotte HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT!!! While at the counter,he finds another flight BUT their computers are down and he can’t get a ticket issued , while he stands there THAT flight leaves! Now all they can offer is stand by to Miami but all flights to Key West are full . Leaving him stranded in Miami! Now he has to go stand in another hour line at Resolution to be told nothing they can do and he may not get his money back !!! WHAT ????? He literally missed the boat, now he has to pay 450 dollars for a flight they screwed up on ???? Come on. !! Shame on you American Airlines.. make this right !
I’ll bite. So your husband chose to go down to Key West the same day his fishing trip that was “years in the making?” The vast majority of the time things work. Sometimes they don’t. That’s why if you absolutely need to be somewhere for a cruise or a fishing trip, you need to go the day before just in case life happens. Sometimes life sucks, you need to be proactive and try to limit the pain points. In this case your husband didn’t do the best limiting the pain points life throws at you. Good luck!
Thanks for biting!! His travel plans were the day before the trip. He took the earliest flight he could get out of Reagan National with a connection as there were no direct flights. Sad to think he needed 2 days to make it. In the future he certainly will add another day.
Direct flights to Key West are limited due to the runway. If he was able to get into MIami at least he could have driven the 2-3 hours. It's a nice ride. I'm confused how the plane left while he was in a line, unless it was a customer service line down the concourse from where the gate was? And if he was deplaned and rebooked, why did they insist he pay $450 for a new flight? I'm guessing we're missing some details, though I'm hoping he ultimately made his trip.