Any New SWA Routes by the End of '06.

Last week one of the Asst. Chiefs told us in the lounge that SWA has picked up the other -700 from Ford.

A cohort in Germany with some conections in Norway sent me a picture of VP-BBU, and as of a couple of days ago, it was still in Stavanger, Norway. The blue horizontal stripe on the vertical stabilizer from the Ford paint scheme had been painted over and the stab was now all white, and presumably the lower part of the fuselage will get the same treatment, so it will be all-white just like VP-BBT was delivered to us.

As far as I know, they ran BBT Stavanger-Gander-Love, so I guess we may be seeing VPBBU pop-up on any time now...

Now, about those EasyJet -700 and Mexicana -700 rumors.... ;)
Correction to post #29
"N270WN is the sister ship to N713WN and came down the assembly line side by side of you go by Line Number of both aircraft"

It should be noted that its N719SW that is sister ship to N470. NOT N713 as I previously stated.

Roger that...

VP-BBU is line #109, as I can tell from being at home, the closest thing in the -7H4 fleet is N720WN at line #121, or maybe the aforementioned N719WN at line #82... (The part of my brain that does math in my head has taken the weekend off... ;) )
It's interesting that SW hasn't increased any frequencies out of PHL in a while. Wonder if it's a gate problem, or they feel they've maxed out there. The terminal/s (D & E) they're using are now being expanded and completely refurbished and SW has said they want as many gates as they can get once several other airlines move elsewhere. Anyone know what's going on?
We all know why they really went into Pit and Phl. It didnt go there way and now we are neighbors out west. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Another flamer from US. What the heck are you talking about it didn't go our way. PHL is our fastest growing station in WN history which equals revenue. PIT every plane is leaving at near capacity which equals revenue. We all are in this business to make money. Which, thankfully, we are making plenty of. Ultmately the ones who benefitted from WN going into PHL and PIT is the customers. Who for years have had to suffer from US price gouging. Its freedom of choice in america and right now WN has the better business plan and attracts more customers.
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It took forever for SWA to create a BWI-DTW route, and since the launch on Sept. 14th every plane has been at or near capacity. This proves that flyers from DTW will embrace more new routes from there, and are very fed up with NWA.
I have a whole list of routes I would like to see added so here are half of them: ....., PHL - DEN/STL/DTW, PHX - MHT/ALB/BDL/ISP,.... I would think this alone would require another 40 a/c or so, so I will just dream. just my thoughts.........

And in the case of PHL, 4 or 5 additional gates.