Beancounters plan for Clt Base maint?


Aug 30, 2002
Our hanger has turned into parking garage for a few aircraft with a revolving door of a very small number of mechanics to do the job! Airbus line was moved from Tampa at the same time the headcount was slashed again. Rumor on the floor is that Clt hanger management asked the company to take the Airbus line (moved from Tampa) somewhere else if their not going to give us anyone to work it! Apparently the bays that work the 757s,767s and Airbus 330 are loaning people out to work the new Airbus line and its causing major delays on those tracks! It seems to be an costly mistake for these large aircraft to sit in the hanger longer than they should because of a lack of manpower. But hey I am not a bean counter. Also, we were told that the 767 that arrived last night was in to have phones removed and flown to the desert! Did not know we were parking 767s in the desert. But I remain confused in CLT with NO INFORMATION FROM THE IAM! ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW WHATS GOING ON?


Nov 25, 2002
Aircraft 647US is being returned to the lease holder because the lessor would not cut a new deal, and the IAM does not tell the company how to run its business, so why would they know what is going on?