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Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
I tried to advise (owned by TripAdvisor) that their seatmaps for the AB321 (both LAA and LUS configurations) are incorrect. They show the first row in coach as row 5. However, the first row in coach on that airplane as well as the 737 and the MD-80 is row 7. There is no row 5 or row 6 on the Airbus 321. I think they did this to the Airbus to make the coach row numbers more closely match the 737 and the MD-80. To muddy the waters: the reason the first row in coach on the 737 and the MD-80 is row 7 is because the first row in Business Class (that we used to call First Class) is row 3, and there are 4 rows in Business Class--3, 4, 5, and 6. (No, there is no explanation for that either. I asked many times over 17 years why the first row in the airplanes was row 3. The only answer I ever got was "it's just the way it is.")

All I got from Seatguru were canned responses of the "if you will read the expert traveler comments in the lower right-hand corner, we're sure you will find the answer you need" ilk. In other words, they don't actually read the emails when you try to contact them.

In any case I would not let seatguru be the final word on the seat configuration on anybody's airline. Also makes me wonder about the accuracy of TripAdvisor reviews.

And, the reason I tried to get them to correct their seatmaps is I booked my A7 pass travel for a trip to Europe through PHL. On both the flight from DFW to PHL and the PHL-DFW flight, I have seat assignments in Row 5 according to the Retiree Travel website, and the only person I could get to even discuss this error was someone at 1-800-WEFLYAA, and she said, "Oh yes, there is a row 5. If you will go to the website, it shows a row 5 on the Airbus 321. As if was basing their information on anything except fact.

I worked on the AB321 on many occasions prior to retirement. THERE IS NO ROW 5.
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Hello, I am new over here and I got a rare change for traveling but whenever got an opportunity I never escape from that.
Well, thanks for the information.
Correction: I was only partially right. It turns out that A321's in the post-merger American fleet can have a row 5. A321's that started life as a legacy U.S. Airways airplanes can have a row 5. However, if the aircraft started life as a legacy AA airplane, it does not have a row 5. At some point I am sure that the a/c will be reconfigured so that all will have the same row and seat numbers. In the meantime, I guess you will just have to have faith that when you get on, there will be a row and seat that matches your ticket.