Calling Res Agents-Policy for Non-Refundable Tickets?

the policy in effect since 2000 which our "Customer Commitment Program" has NOT changed.. if you book a rez with us you pay for it up front.. you have 24 hours to cancel it .. WITHOUT penalty except you are out the 10.00 rez fee and the 20.00 ato fee.

That was true until the merger. Nonrefundable tix are nonrefundable from the moment the credit card is charged.

Let's be clear about one very key item: A RESERVATION IS NOT A TICKET.

The "Customer Commitment Program" you speak of is now called the "Customer Service Plan":
Each airline will allow the customer either to hold a telephone reservation without payment for 24 hours or (at the election of the carrier) to cancel a reservation without penalty for up to 24 hours, in order to give customers an opportunity to check for lower fares through other distribution systems, such as travel agents or the Internet.
US Airways will hold a customer's reservation without payment or penalty for a maximum period of 24 hours. This policy applies to refundable as well as non-refundable fares.
A telephone reservation is defined as an itinerary or trip for which payment has not been received.

The translation: you have 24 hours from making a phone reservation to pay or cancel a non-paid-for reservation. It's a nebulously worded phrase in a B.S. piece of customer feel-good propoganda that gives US every avenue out to deny refunding a paid ticket within the 24 hour window that many people have become accustomed to, and probably assume that they can still do it. And, while they can surely do it on some airlines, this one will not allow it.
it amazes me that the public thinks that we are subsidized by the goverment and this is not a business to make MONEY. Oh what do you mean you cant waive this and waive that. you bought the ticket you are explained the terms and you agree when you pay for it. DUH.. they never told me this when i booked it online because i cant read.. i was only looking at the price. the prices have been good for the consumer and thats good even airline employees will buy a full fare ticket because its worth it. without the aggravation of flying standby.. but man you get the ones... Well i was in them woods skinning a rabbit and all of a sudden i see this UFO> im sorry sir the Southwest ticket counter is in another terminal..

That may all be true, but there's a good chunk of this public that has been screwed by US over and over again by incompetent management, just like the employees. When I buy a nonrefundable I expect that I have to get my butt to the airport on time, my flights to be reasonably on time unless there's a weather problem, and my bags to arrive when I do. That has not been the case at all lately for me and many others. I had four flights in two days cancelled a while back supposely for mechanical reasons (I think that was partly a lie, as one of the planes just got switched to do another flight). I've sat on the ground waiting while weight and balance to get done and missed my connection. That kind of stuff is inexcusable. I'm just saying that I don't think folks are out of line expecting a little flexibility when it costs the airline nothing to do that. I fly enough to reach the top tier of the DM program, but I can't go standby on an earlier flight without paying the $25. Even though US has delayed me a few days previously for four hours only because of poor management, and then stuck me in a middle seat on a red-eye flight when I'd supposedly had a seat confirmed in F. It goes on and on. JetBlue allows me to switch my flights for $25 without having to go to the airport.... You have to remember where a lot of us are coming from when we might ask for a small favor or two.
the employees of USAirways feels your pain. we also do not get up in the morning and the first thing that comes to mind is.. HMM HOW CAN I MAKE SOME CUSTOMERS DAY MISERABLE.. fly Sothwest.. Jetblue.. Spirit. let me tell you the cops are at their ticket counters because customers book flights with them and when the crap hits the fan. you are stuck with them. they dont reroute on other carriers. they offer nothing exept the the next flight. the crowd yells.. screams . threatens.. HMM time to call the COPS. If anything when we have an irregular operations you have options and we do the best we can to accomdate you. the 25.00 fee i have heard is being considered to be waived in the future for ELITE members of the Dividend miles program but we havent heard yet.. this we heard only the last 2 weeks.