CH. 11 here it comes

On 4/12/2003 10:07:44 PM MiAAmi wrote:

I have cast my YES vote. Better to know the devil I already know than the one I don''t (BK judge)

Listen, I have a car to sell you. You would make the perfect customer. Its a beat up old pig of a car but I need the money. It will only cost you $128,000 and I''m not guaranteeing that it will run or even start but if you dont buy it RIGHT NOW the price goes up to $200,000. DONT THINK ABOUT it you have to make your decision RIGHT NOW. If you dont get this car you will have to walk everywhere, to work, to the store, to the Unemployment office, in the rain and snow. If you lose the opportunity to take this car for the unreasonbly high price of $128,000 your life will be over, you will be miserable and I will make you pay $200,000 later, because I need the money. So whats it going to be? Hurry up make up your mind.
You better hurry! The CLOCK IS TICKING!! I have to know RIGHT NOW OR THE PRICE GOES UP TO $200,000!!
Come on dont think about it! TRUST ME!!! Come on hurry up! Your life will be ruined if you dont go for it right now and NO I CAN NOT DROP THE PRICE BY ONE PENNY. I need the money to pay everyone else off. The price is not based on the worth of the car but rather my wreckless spending habits but since I HAVE ALL THE CARDS I'm demanding that you give me $128,000 RIGHT NOW, or ITS $200000 tomorrow. Come on just sign right here under the line that says SUCKER!!

Well whats it going to be?

Ok, I'll let you keep the mats AND the air freshener, but only if you sign right this second!!!!!