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Aug 31, 2002
Question for Chip

Since when do you negotiate for the IAM or are you a memeber of the labor relations deptartment for US Airways?

Chip is wrong, there are no negotiations that have resumed.

Machinists, US Airways Discuss Mechanic’s
Rejection of Restructuring Proposal

Washington D.C., August 30, 2002 – At the request of US Airways’ CEO David Siegel, IAM General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. and Airline Coordinator Jim Varsel met briefly with Siegel and the carrier’s Vice President of Labor Relations Doug McKeen yesterday at the company’s headquarters in Arlington, VA.

The company representatives stressed that an integral element of its restructuring plan is equal participation among all employees. Siegel claimed that it would be impossible for a successful restructuring to take place unless the Mechanic and Related and CWA represented employees participate at the same levels as other employee groups.

By 57 percent, US Airways’ 6,800 Mechanic and Related employees, represented by IAM District 141-M, rejected a company proposal calling for $160 million in cost reductions from the group on August 28, 2002. Voting on a separate company proposal, the carrier’s 5,400 Fleet Service employees, represented by IAM District 141, ratified the company plan by a 62 percent margin.

"We informed US Airways that the Machinists Union is well aware of our obligation to discuss these issues under Section 1113 of the U.S. Bankruptcy laws," said Roach. "However, our members have clearly spoken and our actions will be guided by their decision."

A September 10, 2002 hearing is scheduled in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Alexandria, VA to consider US Airways’ application for relief from the Mechanic and Related collective bargaining agreement. "The IAM will aggressively oppose the application to abrogate and/or modify the collective bargaining agreement," said Roach.

No further discussion between the Machinists Union and US Airways are currently scheduled.

The IAM is the largest transportation union in North America representing 150,000 airline and railroad employees in the United States and Canada, including 12,200 at US Airways. Please visit for more information about the Machinists Union.
However, our members have clearly spoken and our actions will be guided by their decision

What the IAM obviously still fails to understand is what the membership said when they spoke. A vast majority want to reach a deal with the company. They want the pork out of the deal they were shown. This is what happens when you do not talk with your rank and file membership.

The Company and the IAM met after the restructuring agreement was disapproved. The company said it expects to hold further discussions and the article you posted is five days old. Things can change.


The Company and the IAM meet after the restructuring agreement was disapproved. The company said it expects to hold further discussions and the article you posted is five days old. Things can change.

[P][BR]Chip,nothing has changed except for the company is now going to seek everything in our contract[BR][BR]They want R&D except 7 stations same goes for cleaning.[BR][BR]They want the right to farm out any and all work.[BR][BR]They want a 19% paycut.[BR][BR]Worse vacation, bumping and numerous other issues,[/P]
[P][STRONG]- edited - [/STRONG][BR][EDITED][EDITED][BR][BR]By the way chip, the next negotiations will take place Sept 10, before Stephen Mitchell[/P]

Dave Siegel told all employees that if they did not reach voluntary accords he would seek deeper cuts through the courts. Dave is doing exactly what he said he would do, which was a risk the majority of the IAM-M decided to accept. We should not be surprised at this turn of events and from a business perspective, if management can get a lower labor expense it improves the bottom line.

In addition, the company is seeking over $5 million per month for six months in damages from the IAM-M. If the court agrees with management’s motion, I believe it is doubtful the IAM has budgeted this expense; therefore, the financial penalty could be assessed to the membership.

If the IAM or its members refuse to pay court ordered damages, the union and its members could be held in contempt, just like the pilots at American Airlines.

Granted there would be appeals and a move to settle out of court, but the point is Siegel told the IAM-M and the other employee groups he would seek deeper cuts and he is simply following through with his commitment.

"Dave" as he likes to be called remids me of another turnaround specialist called "Chainsaw Al". Judging by events so far I doubt Mr Siegel will remain after the smoke clears and we are once again a regional carrier.

I have been with the company for 18 years and yes I voted NO. I put the blame on the company along with the IAM because neither was bargining in good faith. Who knows what the Judge will decide, but its a chance we will have to take. Morale is about the lowest I have ever seen and no signs of getting better!

Even better than messing with the employees now we start sticking it to the customer' move. Well time will tell, I would like to say I will be around after the 10th, but I am starting to doubt it!
[Edited][BR][BR]Dave cannot penalize the union for anything, the membership has the democratic right to say no to concessions. Dave cannot sue the IAM and penalize the organization for the god given right of democracy. He is seeking to gut the mechanic and related group because they have voted no. The samething he did at CO. When CO was in BK last time, they farmed out over 90% of thier mtc. If Dave gets his wish in court, then there is no need for concessions because we will have gone from 6,800 mechanic and related to probably over 1,000.[BR][BR]I find it hard to believe that any person in their right mind would seek to penalize and destroy people's lives because they excericised their democratic rights. Some people really need to get a clue and stop taking Dave's word for gospel, or better yet go get deprogrammed.