Aug 20, 2002
Has anyone been to CLE lately?...The city has actually made this airport start to look modern!..Security checkpoints have been moved so the pax have access to all concourses once in a secure area. New signage has been put up. A Max&Erma''s is being built for concourse C. New baggage carousels are being built and the baggage claim areas are being refurbished. The new runway opens early December. I think it looks 100% better already.
Its been a while since I was in there, but I noticed how nice it was starting to look. The signage really was a great improvement. Are there any other improvements in the works? Also, with the expansion of the baggage area, are they expanding the ticket counter space above too?
Was in CLE in October. The security checkpoints were still separate while I was there, but in general that seems like a good thing. Is CO going to have some ops out of A again? What about the back of D for props? Maybe they can convert that for use by RJ's. At anyrate, new D Concourse looks awesome (from outside, I was flying from A so couldn't get to D).

When I was there, it lookes like they were doing quite a bit of work on the facade, roadway, and pick-up/drop-off areas. My complaint is that the consolidated rental car facility is in an off-the-beaten path type place... especially for anyone in a hurry...
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Props are supposed to return to CLE in the first part of the second quarter. They will operate out of the backside of concourse D. Look to see service to FWA,TOL,CAK,PIT,LAN among others.
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The re-aligned security seems to be working the passengers are getting through move easily and much quicker. Hopefully the restaurants and shops will make some money now.
Its great to hear CLE is getting a face lift, I remember traveling through there a few times in the early 90s.