Council 41 Letter To Pilots

Walmartgreeter said:
[Wrong. The scenario in BK is not clear. What IS clear is a 7 year, almost decade, giveback contract to a bunch of incompetents is not called for.

When I started to pay real attention to the plight of U, I was leaning slightly in the favor of labor, which is probably a natural response since I am also labor. However, never having really ever been a union person it took me sometime to understand the nature of the beast in the airline industry. The airline industry seems to be populated, in the senior management ranks, with people who have huge egos and U has had more then their share of those types.

There was a point, and I can vividly remember it, when I completely went over to the Union's points-of-view in this conflict. That moment came when I read that the company not only wanted huge givebacks, but wanted amenable dates pf 12/31/12. Negotiating position or not, this was an unconsciounable demand, especially in the light that no profit sharing was being offered.

Companies like to think they hold all the cards. The problem with that is that at some point people may get pissed at that and decide to fight back for, if nothing else, their dignity.

The current CEO, IMO, has the same ego problem the Lorenzo's, Wolf's, et al., had. Bronner's ego probably came from all the sucess he had in Alabama, and how he was allegedly thought of in god-like terms down there. He began to read his own clipping and to believe them, so he invested a relatively small $240 million in the hopes of a billion dollar plus payday.

He never understood the industry, or the culture that had grown prior to his arrival. Now, everyone is going to pay the price.