COUNTDOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I''m gonna crank up my Door''s CD today:

"This is the end, beautiful friend the end.
The employees are getting screwed one way or another again,
This is the end."
Wall street thinks it will pass. It''s up 20% right now. Hitting new highs for the day.
Up .42 on APA''s ratification. No word yet on TWU & APFA.
$3.85 up .77
Heading for higher highs for the day.
Did the T/A''s pass?
ok ART tell me what skills Flight Attendants have that seperates you from anyone off the street. If i jumped the gun on my comment i apologize and I should not have made a nasty statement like the one i did. It is stress and fear of my job to anyone i offended I apologize. I was just thinking, fear breads more fea and unhappy co workers bread other unhappy people. Why dont we all try and be as productive as the company will allow....go the extra mile and bring this company back sooner rather than later
No announcements anywhere I can find. 8 minutes to the hour.

Good luck to everyone either way it goes....


This "untrained waitress in the sky" who speaks four languages fluently has to get to his class as he is in graduate school. Your contemptible quip against flight attendants evinces your own small-mindedness. The majority of f/as I have the pleasure of working with are very professional people who are educated and often multilingual. Whatever your issue is with this vote, you ought to refrain from making yourself look like an ass by posting such base generalizations.