cubana 737 crash


Oct 13, 2003
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per cnn a Cubana Air 737 has crashed on take off or immediately after takeoff from Havana to Guatemala 3 known survivors 104 plus 9 crew aboard
This is just too bad.
3 survivors? Wow.
Hope this 200 is not one of us US carriers that sold it off years ago.
You did notice that the date on the crash report is over a year old, didn't you? Also, person who resurrected this thread posted partially in an Asian language (Vietnamese, I think). Plus, do you think that "great beautiful" is an appropriate response to a airplane crash report? Something isn't right here.
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No I didn't notice, but still doesn't matter. I am still hoping this is not one of many 200's that were sold overseas after having such large cycles on them. O know some of ours had over 80000 cycles.
I did see that post you bring up. Don't see it anymore, so maybe mods took care of that one and for good reason. Don't know what would bring someone to post something like that either.

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