Cwa Question Regarding Buyout Replacements


Feb 21, 2004
There seems to be many gray areas regarding replacements for agents and CSS's that take the buy out and leave the company. Even our station manager can't get the answers from his higher ups. If a CSS takes the buy out, and another agent takes the Supervisor job that he vacated, does he drop to $9 an hr? Or does he get to stay at $17 an hr. and who ever replaces the agent, gets the $9 an hr? Another qestion is lets say 2 agents in RSW take the buyout, and a 30 agent in SYR wants to bid RSW. Would the 30 year agent in SYR, have to drop to $9 an hr. to get to RSW? These questions need some clearing up. Thanks.


Jun 27, 2004
Who is to say those agents and CSS will be replaced? Im sure Jerry Glass has a plan to replace everyone who leaves with new hires off the street at the bottom of the wage scale.


Jan 11, 2004
As a CSS I had that same question with no straight answer from anyone as of yet. I would like to transfer and I have heard of the drop in pay and also no drop and the early out replacement will just transfer where I came from having the same affect as if it were in the city I transfered to. This would be the smart and correct thing to do rather than hold folks who have been trying to transfer. Fill the transfer first, then where the last vacancy winds up is where the early out position should get filled at 9.00 Only my 2 cents.

Also the folks downgraded to partiime involuntary should be ablt to get there full time back without this penalty. Although this will cost a bit more it is the honest thing to do.