CWA Suspends Voting

Dec 21, 2002
I don't think it could be any clearer.
-Zero job protection as outsourcing will become a mainstay, and existing jobs will eventually be cut to 13 an hour or less as regionals take over.
-More input to health .
-Defer 5pct pay every time some country fires a missile.
-All This on top of vacation and holiday cuts at 75 pct pay virtually chopping up to 2 weeks off a year for most topped out folks.
-Mass Reductions in customer service, both quality and numbers that are beginning to make a trip to the local DMV look like a walk in the park.
Crystal clear to me pal,...severed n smiling.
Tried to vote this morning and got the message that the voting has been suspended until CWA gets better clarifications on certin aspects of the proposal. Read it once and read it again and again...seems to be some gray area in it.
Got an email last night from the EVP of the local that voting was suspended with more info to come. Nothing new yet.[BR]I had asked some questions about the SAR status at airports that didnt have them now. There is info in the T/A regarding MDA payscales and paylevels, but nothing about whether anyone coming into a SAR position would start at their current level or go back to 0. Also no wording about recall/job offer to agents who are affected. Will SARS (with less seniority) be able to transfer to another city that has SAR openings before agents (with more seniority) in that city are offered those spots from recall? There are many cities that currently do not have SAR positions so this could become confusing if it isnt spelled out in advance. I dont know if this is one of the things being defined, but I'd like to know how all these new positions are going to be filled. Will rez agents be able to transfer to a SAR position if they want to? I was told that this hadnt been discussed in the negotiations.
RES87rno....biggest gray area that I can see is in the War/Terrorism Contingency. Very vague IMO and tadjr brings up another point in SAR question. Guess this is what you get when you try to rush something through.