CWA-US Tentative Agreement Highlights

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Aug 21, 2002
Highlights of the new contract agreement with CWA.
TOS $20.05 reduced by 9% effective 1 July 2002
Pay increases of 1% in 2005, 1% in 2006, 2.5% in 2007, 3.25% 2008. Only for those above the $14.42 limit! Those below that will not be increased through 2008.
TOS in 2009 would be $21.65 still lower than today. (Remember AFA gets a 6.5% pay increase from previous contract by 2008! Not to mention 5% annual cash payments.)
This is retroactive which is not included in others contracts. However, they mitigate this by also agreeing to forfeit 2 more holidays this year for Thanksgiving and day after in lieu of collecting the savings for July, Aug, and Sept.
Vacation pay to be paid at only 75% of base pay.
Sick days reduced by 5 days per year! Each employee maximum acrrual is 5 per year, no carry over.
8 holidays per year except 2002, 6 holidays for 2002.
50% Shift premium reductions.
Sliding of A-scale originally and repeatedly proposed by management has been eliminated.
Furlough travel benefits have been increased to 24 months for voluntary furloughees. 36 months for involuntary furloughees and families.
Furlough periods have increased to 4 years.
The company has agreed to some form of a pension plan effective 1 Jan 2003. The company retains most rights for identifying plan and trustees. Company may also waive requirements in it''s sole discretion to identify said plan.
401 K After tax contributions permitted after 6 months of agreement.
Increased employee contributions to health plans.
3 choices at different percentage plans. $80/month just for employee at 100% coverage increasing to $160/month by 2008. Emp plus Family begins at $160/month increasing to $329/month by 2008.
My opinion of this agreement is very negative. This contract is not comparable to any other contracts this company has negotiated with other unions. It does not contain any job protections for existing employees. It does contain additional jobs represented by CWA by including express workers but in new workgroups not yet covered and to be paid at much lower levels. MAX internet support employee classification at 11 years seniority gets $14.18/hour top. Same for CWA express.
I expect management to reclassify many employees to the Internet Passenger Support classification in order to pay them less.
Is this a deal in good faith? Is this a deal that protects us? No, and no. The company will still lay people off and then offer them the same job back at lower salaries by redefining their title and limiting the calls they can take and the aircraft they board. As we get more regional jets more people will be laid off and switched over, as the internet gets lower fares than RES, we''ll be switched over to support it at lower pay. In My opinion, this deal is a ticket for the unemployement line or personal bankruptcies for existing employees. Not one improvement to look forward too save the pension which is not determined as yet and which the company holds most of the cards and rights.
same pattern the CWA set with our previous contract. Talk big and then agree to push this contract. At least the IAM didn't recommend an acceptance for its members.

I got to think that the CWA will have something concrete about the pension before the proposal gets voted on. I mean c'mon now. Why mess with the 401k unless bad things.
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