Dave's e-mail please

he has responded to me in the past. Sometimes it takes a few days.

But don't expect answers different than the 'company line' and if it is just a complaining letter the reply will be more form letter type in response.

But if you write are making suggestions or constructive criticism I find him to reasonably address it.

Just my experince your mileage may vary
He's responded to me each of the 3 times I've
written him. When I wrote about Shuttle America's
unreliability, he not only responded but I was also contacted by the VP Express Division who
wanted more details. Let us know if you get a response
I have found Dave to be very responsive to E-mails....the more positive and affirmative the better. As previously stated....it may take a few days? But at least he responds!! That's more than I can say for any of the other life-forms that occupied his office prior.
I have also e-mailed Dave and he has replied all of the time, usually the next day.