Dear Mollie and Teddy


Dec 29, 2002
One more thing to add...THIS IS NOT A TENTATIVE AGREEMENT!
There were no negotiations; reasonable "good faith" negotiations do not take place in two days, especially those that are "quality of life alterations". Tell me this, how does one vote on proposal language that doesn't exist yet? Did you see any language on how International flight attendants claim "sick time"? Vote on that.You know what "preferrential bidding" is? Vote on that. Did you see the increases in the Deductables on medical and co pays that commence in 2006? Vote on that.
I have spent the past few days digesting your recent news-line letters to your local constituents. It took that amount of time to sift through all the hyperbole. Indulge me by answering the following questions:
1. As leaders of your respective locals, neither one of you took a firm stand by unequivocally stating a YES or ''No vote on the T/A. Why? Are you afraid of the repurcussions should the T/A be voted down and Chapter 7 does occur?
2. Mollie, you state you are not a psychic, yet you say you believe there is nor real intention to put US Airways into Chapter 7. On what do you base this statement, woman''s intuition? Are you willing to put the livelihood of your membership in jeopardy on such a statement that is not based on any fact?
3. Teddy, you write this T/A will have an effect across the industry? Why should we care about American or United? We are in the fight of our lives to remain viable. Are you seeking national office in the AFA because of your concern with other airlines?
4. Both of you love to obfuscate the matter at hand with inflammatory rhetoric about other airline CEO''s and their pay, how Jerry Glass does this and that, etc, etc. What does it matter? Either we emerge from bankruptcy and build for a better tomorrow or we don''t.
This much I do know. Over 2000 of your members are on voluntary furlough, enjoying time with their families as well as other perks. What happens to them if Chapter 7 occurs? I would think they would not be too happy to lose their current life style. I know, even with a pay cut, increased medical premiums, more work hours, and less vacation, I still make a good living. I am not living in Slavery which is defined as Involuntary Servitude.
Please, Mollie and Teddy, stick to the facts. You are supposed to be leaders. Take a stand!!! If you think the T/A stinks, tell your members. If not, shut-up. I give credit to the the other unions who had the courage and decency to say to their members,that as painful as this is, they believe it is in their best interest to vote YES.
Finally, Mollie, you seem to enjoy impressing your members with your knowledge of history. Why don''t you tell your members that we are part of a revolution,a very painful revolution, a time in airline history that has never been experienced. Much like our forefathers, we will have to sacrifice and build for a better tomorrow. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and the rest of the leaders had to convince a very skeptical group of citizens that their plan for a new country would work. I am not comparing Dave Siegel to George Washington, but I do believe he is positioning this airline for future growth and continued employment.
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Speaking of "standing up", as I noticed you did not place your full name publically as a union brother or sister, is less than forthright. However, I will address some of your sentiments regarding your leadership that you imply are "cowardess". First off, you obviously have not been digesting the correspondence to the membership, as it speaks "loud and clear" what my stance is and will remain. I, as a union representative, will share with the membership the facts as I know them, explain my position and be able to substantiate the postion. Other than just saying, "well this is bad, but you have to say "yes". It would be so much easier as a union representative to go along with management and the other leaders with no resistance...lonely where I sit. I believe when you have representatives such as need to save your money and forget paying dues to a union...they have become the "mouth pieces" for the Co.You may be the type of individual that wants to be told what to do; majority of members have their own intellect and can discern with the correct decision on what the job is worth to them going forward. Some say "live to fight another day"...THAT DAY IS COME LIKE NO OTHER. You may not agree, that is your choice. When I speak to the golbal sense of the "rippled" effect across all is just that. All Corporations today, not just airline unions. (think global). If the 13 colonies during the American Revolution against King George thought they way you do..."why should you care". Have any clue where you would be today? If majority of folks felt the way you did, there would not be a civil right amendment. Imagine after being hit by 9/11 America taking NO action? It may appear easy to sit where you do and attack your union leadership (just what union busters want you to do), but are you hearing what is being said. Read the websites again...your two union leaders are doing what all leaders should be doing...not laying down to die, but standing up for what is right for our profession. If you have faith in this management that they will do "right by you" in the future...then I believe you are still in "shell shock". I do what I believe is the right stance to take, especially now.
Plain and simple........this AFA member is voting YES. There is just no choice here. If you are that angry about the proposal just leave. Dave is here to turn this airline around, not one othe leader at US cared about that. Seigel inherited a BIG mess, and hes doing his best to try and fix it. All this should have been done years ago. Maybe we wouldnt have been in this mess now. By voting yes, im not only trying to preserve my own well being, but those of the other 30000 employees we have. Lets all get through this together and allow US Airways to kick some big time ass out there!
Lets all get through this together and allow US Airways to kick some big time ass out there! [IMG src=""] [IMG src=""] [BR]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[BR][BR] [FONT lang=JA]
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[H4]I dont believe Dave is here to turn the airline around..I believe he is here to put it to rest..and we the non essentials,are the deciding factor. either way they win..not US..[/H4]
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[P]The direction this airline was going before Dave's arrival would have resulted in eternal rest.[/P][/FONT]
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[H4]I dont believe Dave is here to turn the airline around..I believe he is here to put it to rest..[/H4][/SPAN]
[BLOCKQUOTE][BR]----------------[BR]On 12/29/2002 4:19:38 PM cavalier wrote:
[P]Lets all get through this together and allow US Airways to kick some big time ass out there! [IMG src='""'] [IMG src='""'] [BR]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[BR][BR] [FONT lang=JA][BR][BR][FONT face='"Times' size=4 Roman" New]忠実な精神のためにあなたに感謝しなさい[/FONT][/FONT][FONT face='"Times' size=4 Roman" New] [/FONT][BR][BR][FONT size=4][/FONT][BR]
[P]Very kewl.[/P]
What's your plan to get us on the road to profitability PAGirl - Teddy - Whoever you are? It is great to slam and flame what Dave and Dave are doing, but do you have a better plan? [BR]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[BR][BR][FONT size=3]We all know they don't have a clue on how to solve this very big and serious problem. They are screaming instead of going into a corner and crying.[BR][/FONT][BR][BR]
I posted this in another thread, but felt it may apply in this one too.

PAgirl - Teddy - Whatever your name is, let me ask you this: Do you think the company is bluffing? Are you willing to bet your job or your pension to prove it? You talk about quality of life issues and not being able to make ends meet with the current concessions, then I say that you, or who ever you are talking about, are living beyond your means. Should you continue with your stance and do persuade enough people to your point of view, what will your quality of life be like when there is no USAirways and you are going to have to take you "job skills" to Eat N Park? How many 50K a year jobs are out there that you and 9000 other F/A's could walk right into. Let's not even talk about the topped out F/A;s, lets use your average of 32K. Are you willing to risk it all on your belief that the Management of this company is lying?

I'm sorry, but personally, I think Dave is doing what needs to be done in order for us to survive. Do you think it was his idea to come back for Round 2? No. It was the ATSB that dictated that the concession levels and revenue predictions were not sufficient to achieve the 7% profit margin. Dave and Company came to the unions in the summer with a plan and projected needs. They settled on 83-85% of the original concession amounts because they felt that they may get better revenue rates by this time. It didn't happen. I propose to you, YOU come up with a better plan to achieve the desired results to secure the ATSB loan. Let's hear your words of wisdom on where you would have come up with 1.6-1.8 billion dollars in cost savings. How would YOU solve the pension crisis? If you were Dave S, how would you have navigated us through the bankruptcy process?

Yes it is great to approach "negotiations" with a sense of skepticism, but your union has seen the books. They know the full story as does all of the other unions. Your skepticism and loud mouth tactics are not shared by any of the other AFA members or any of the other unions in the company. Doesn't that in itself speak volumes? Wouldn't ALPA, a labor group contributing in excess of 585 million dollars, be the first to stand up and fight if they felt the company was bluffing? Would they have rolled over on the 100 Million in additional concessions if they felt that the threat of liquidation wasn't real?

What's your plan to get us on the road to profitability PAGirl - Teddy - Whoever you are? It is great to slam and flame what Dave and Dave are doing, but do you have a better plan?
Dear Teddy,

Your membership didn't follow you last time and we can only hope that they see your hysterical rantings for what they are this time, pure cra9. I have not spoken to one person that is willing to vote no on this one. Do us all a favor and back off. Just reading your stuff is making me ashamed to be in the same union with you. John McCorkle called you a "hysterical woman that makes absolutely no sense". Everyone is laughing at you kid... It's time to give up the Norma Ray stance...we are not going to follow you!
People in Teddy's corner were all raised in the shadows of the great Pittsburgh steel mills which their fathers unions effectively closed down. Nothing but empty buildings along the river now but they still claim victory.
You would hope that this kind of stupidity would skip a generation but we continue to be threatened and affected buy this warped mentality. Our childrens security depends on us defeating these people with a solid yes vote.
The question AFA members have to ask themselves....could Mollie and Teddy be trying to put us out of business?

Do they think anyone is waiting to give these AFA members jobs when the company folds?

The employees must recognize that this management team has the impossible job of trying to change a business to adapt to new market conditions with a very experienced workforce that is having difficulty adapting. They are confusing the message with the messenger.

The real issue for members is why listen to people that only complain and have nothing constructive to say. If they listen to Mollie and Teddy they are unemployed.

Before you decide to vote NO, I would look at your options outside the airline industry. will be a wake up call to many employees. Hope that you enjoy having one week of vacation.
On 12/29/2002 8:24:23 PM B707B wrote:

People in Teddy's corner were all raised in the shadows of the great Pittsburgh steel mills which their fathers unions effectively closed down. Nothing but empty buildings along the river now but they still claim victory.

First off, the buildings arent there anymore. 99% of them were tore down. Next, considering I have grown up in Aliquippa, PA my whole life, let me tell you that the steel mills closed down because the owners wanted the unions to take a 50% pay cut across the board. Also, most people lived in houses J&L built and owned, and threatened to sell. People can't live like this.

USAirways is in the shape it is in because the management is a bunch of friggin bafoons. Not because of the unions. Monkeys could have mananged this airline into better fiscal condition than it is in now.