Delta and WestJet Scrap Joint Adventure


Oct 23, 2010
It appears WestJet just can't seem to get deals done when it comes to joint adventures or mergers and purchases. With Southwest the WestJet Pilots screwed up big time demanding more than they should have and Southwest walked away and never looked back. This time around they are balking at not including their ULCC within the merger and divesting of some slots in New York when all of past mergers have had the same request before, so again, WestJet gets left out alone again.
Going by memory here, but, I think there was a third attempt by another carrier and WestJet to hook up and that one too never came to reality. Is the common denominator here WestJet, the problem child? Odd that they have failed 3 times to merge or do joint adventures and with very big and strong airlines, SWA,Delta, and I forget who the third one was, but I thought it was the other big Canada airline wanted to buy WestJet I think...
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Ahhhh. You are probably correct, I may be.