Delta is removing more flights

it was suggested long ago that the MEM thread be killed because there is nothing else to say.

supporting my position that DL is in fact growing and not shrinking, indications are very strong that DL is acquiring more used aircraft, accelerating delivery of new aircraft on order, and planning on new crew bases.

DL is already doing pilot training virtually around the clock. DL hired somewhere around 900 pilots in 2014.

my favorite rumor is that there is a 319/320 base coming to MIA. Since Kevin notes that it is one of DL's largest all mainline cities that does not have DL employees on the ramp, is the heart of a key strategic growth region, and rumors all along were that the 319s were being retrofitted for Latin America ops, the next few months could bring some wonderful news for DL's desire to build the most comprehensive and balanced route network in the world.
Oh so now DL is going to start a MIA crew base - are they starting a hub in MIA as well?
If so will you be on here saying ATL is toast with a MIA hub like you claim CLT will go away with a MIA hub?
PLEASE NOTE - I know this has nothing to do with MEM - it's you who brought up a MIA crew base
I heard a rumor that DL will upgauge MEM flying to the A-340, reducing RJ's as a strategic move to increase revenue in key markets.

The A-340 is a low cost, revenue generator, that only DL can make work. MEM is the perfect market for it. I wish I could show you why, but you see, I have access to DL actuaries, routing planners, maintenance schedulers, pilot training, accident investigators, labor negotiators, flight attendant pshychologists, etc., that only a retiree is privileged to have.

It is all propietary information that has been publicly released, but only I know where to find it. I would love to show it to you, but if I did, I might lose my status as a delta family insider.
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It is all propietary information that has been publicly released, but only I know where to find it. I would love to show it to you, but if I did, I might lose my status as a delta family insider.
So you aren't willing to say that I am wrong?

Focus city from Latin America, hub... what IS the difference?
glenn   that's pretty sad that only 1 dl retiree would have access to that kind of info   my dad is retired dl and he does NOT have that type of access regardless of what the DL Cheerleader claims
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WT That last doesn't come anywhere close to being a rational response to what Glenn posted.
and you honestly assume that Q's post was rational or logical?

What you and other people can't figure out is that I know DL quite well and don't have to be there or have seen their current strategic plan in order to know what the next steps would be.

I have said for years that DL is reallocating resources to where they most make sense. The buildout at NYC is winding down. The west coast can accommodate a little bit more growth before new facilities are opened.

DL will be shifting its strategic focus to those parts of the network where there is great opportunity - and I will strongly bet and have been saying for years that MIA to Latin America is next on the list.

Cheap fuel, increased competition which forces AA to match competitor fares, and the dawn of Open Skies in nearly all major markets provide a great opening for the buildout of DL's network.

It may happen this year or maybe it won't.

But given that DL and UA have very similar int'l networks, it is a matter of time before someone decides to take on AA in MIA to Latin America, the only primary gateway to a region that is served by just one US carrier.

And once again it will prove that DL is and has been methodically building out its network and is now growing faster than any other carrier because their current network is as strong as it is.
not sure of your point but yes my posts have highlighted for years that DL has methodically grown its network and taken advantage of opportunities that other carriers have not seen or been prepared to take.
really - let's take a poll on that - in your world only DL does right and every other airline does wrong - therefore almost every post you make is so biased they are not believable - get a grip
I've never said that only DL does right and everyone else does wrong.

that is YOUR assessment that comes from your damaged self esteem.

I have a grip. Those that cannot talk about the good, bad, and ugly of positions they hold dear are the ones that need to get a grip.

in the case of this thread, DL is reallocating assets to more profitable uses and has been doing it for years. If DL goes ahead with MIA to Latin America as I have said all along they eventually would do, DL will have the most comprehensive network of any airline.

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