DL SLC Crews Show Respect to fallen US Airways Pilot.


Corn Field
Nov 11, 2003

Sometimes people wonder when I say airline employees are family. Yes even when they work for different airlines, they are still family. Kind of like cousins. Here is a photo which proves my point. The American Airlines pilot who died earlier this week on the way to Boston was based in Phoenix but lived in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City just happens to be a pilot and flight attendant base for Delta Air Lines.

So when the AA flight carrying the remains of that captain flew from Phoenix and arrived into Salt Lake City, this was what greeted the plane.
This is a line of flight attendants and pilots from Delta Air Lines, in uniform who met his flight. Yes airline employees are competitors but they are also family. Love the respect Delta employees showed to the captain and family of the AA pilot.
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The pilot was LDS, so it's likely that someone from his ward or stake called in a favor with the Delta honor guard. The LDS is a pretty tight knit community, even in Salt Lake.
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I suspect there is a large segment of the DL population at SLC that are LDS. I also know that the vast majority of DL employees (excepting the scab population) are very fine people who would do something like this.

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Outside of a few people, the competitions stop at the curb. At the end of the day we all care about each other and leave the pissing contests to marketing and bean counters.  
RIP and tailwinds.......
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