DM Award Booking Now Available Online


Aug 28, 2002
Just read and confirmed DM Awards can now be booked online. Can access award booking through DM account or via regular res area select Redeem Miles. Has good and Bad implications on res employees. I for one am glad to see the new technology.
Although I and many others are casualties of new technology, many agents know how much time is taken looking for award seats and we all know this produces no revenue on each of these calls...So hopefully when the company rebounds... our efforts will produce more revenue by booking new tickets...It hurts but it shows the company is progressing at real cost savings...Now they need a growth plan for increasing revenues...
I tried using this new feature to check award availability for next August. After supplying information on desired outbound and return dates, the system came back with calendars for August and September that had 42 days each that had a gray background. The system wanted me to select dates all over again.

I think I would rather talk to an agent. The Dividend Miles reservation agents have always been extremely helpful in booking award trips.

I hope all US Airways employees have a good Thanksgiving and that things begin to improve. My family and I have always received excellent service on our US Airways flights.