Does outsourcing really save money????

767 mechanic

Aug 8, 2004
A 777 (7BT) arrived at DWH yesterday. It had a repitch done to coach by a vender. The mechanics that were working on it found out that the pitch on the seats were wrong and now it has to be redone by AA mechanics. So does outsourcing really save money????
If that happened every time with outsourced work, no it would not save money. But if the seats had been pitched correctly, I can guarantee that it saves money. For starters those outsource company employees are making a LOT less than unionize airline personnel., and they probably don't have anything near to what you have in the way of employee benefits--like subsidized health insurance, paid vacation time, etc. But, one incident proves nothing. As a flight attendant, I've seen do over work by union employees also. Not much, but it happens.
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In Tulsa, we see a few different issues. Normal items from wear and tear and depending what level is scheduled etc...
FMR's usually attached to a C check and then variety issues if an MRO was involved. I have basically formed an opinion that an MRO was used when items have to be reworked or that the MRO does not perform well when their purchased contract has many Non-Routines.
There are a lot factors to look at in outsourcing to determine whether or not outsourcing saves the company money. The fact that MROs add a profit to their costs would make up for some of the lower wages and less benefits paid to MRO workers. Longer turn times is another.
Bottom line is there’s absolutely no accountability and even if it is break even, the company takes leverage from the workers every time they increase outsourcing.

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