Amfa And Outsourcing

Checking it Out said:
Actually it should be Delle-femine in charge! I believe he's the one who left the amfa members high and dry at Braniff 2.
Thats not what the Branniff 2 guys say, they want AMFA. I work with a mechanic who worked Branniff 2, she loved being represented by AMFA there and cant wait till AMFA gets in at AA.

Why did the TWUs drive at Delta fail? Because Delta and AA serve many of the same cities. All the Delta guys had to do was speak to a TWU represented worker, mechanic, fleet service, stores, it really didnt matter, they would hear the same thing, "The TWU sucks".

Its the same thing that all the ex PAN AM workers say. With the possible exception of Kerrigan, Bakala and Roberts or any other exPan Am workers who are still working for the TWU.

In fact Sonny even brought this up, members complaining about the TWU, but I think that he meant on the internet.

Why is it that ex AMFA members rave about AMFA while current and ex TWU members all say that the TWU sucks?
Johnny Lunchbox said:
What part of amfa's history excites you so much you are willing to look the other way at their poor track record and obvious direction they want to take your industry. They are swelling the 3rd party vendors bank rolls while their own members refocus their direction and usually crosstrain to another profession. This is good?
Did you say track record?

If we were in an airplane all we would here is WHOOP WHOOP, PULL UP! WHOOP WHOOP, PULL UP!

Well the TWU is pushing the stick forward, we need to get AMFA to pull it back. AMFA wants us to soar at FL$40/hr while the TWU wants us to dive down to FL$15/hr. The trouble is that ground is at $25/hr, the TWU is putting our profession on a collision course with the ground.

The low wages will drive more to permanently leave the industry than the layoffs. This is an industry that is extremly sensative to economic cycles, layoffs have always been a part of this industry.

As far as third party maintenance, which I believe is now predominantly IAM, after AA and the rest of the airlines we will get them in AMFA too. Instead of lowering our wages to theirs we will bring them up to us.

As mechanics our goal must be to not allow our labor to be the commodity where the price is used to gain a cost advantage between competitors.

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