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Apr 3, 2003
In this profile I want everyone to get an understanding the companies Amfa is allowing jobs to be outsourced too! Amfa wants you to believe they have Iron Clad language! They want you to believe they reduced the work form 100% to 38% with several loopholes! NWA had one of the lowest rates of outsourcing in the Industry before 1999. Well below 20%. Now they have surpassed the half way mark with 4800 members out of work!

Amfa was unable to win in arbitration on FM1 and now has basically allowed unlimited outsourcing with little recourse! As Amfa members leave at an unprecedented rate Amfa Delle is enjoying hotdogs and Hamburgers at a defunct local with no regular Members! And is spending well in excess of 500,000 dollars at AA while having no attorneys during negotiations at Horizon! Does this make since? It looks like a defunct leader with a vendetta! And now his puppets are following his lead to the destruction of our jobs at AA!

Here is the first of Many articles!

Up to 50% savings in Outsourcing

People inside the contract-maintenance industry say repair stations save airlines 40% to 50% with comparable quality. TIMCO Aviation Services, a Greensboro, N.C.-based company used by United and several other airlines, is one of the larger such companies. It employs about 3,000 non-union mechanics, pays lower wages than the airlines and operates facilities in small Southern cities with low costs of living.

"TIMCO has an excellent quality record on par with the best airlines' maintenance practices," President Gil West says.

In recent years, however, the quality of work by some repair stations has come under fire, and airlines using them have been criticized for lax oversight. In 1998, Phoenix-based America West Airlines was fined a record $5 million by the FAA for violations related to its use of contractors.

The FAA faulted sloppy procedures at contract maintenance bases doing work on America West jets. The low-fare carrier had trimmed its staff of mechanics and contracted out much of its maintenance. Ultimately, $2.5 million of the fine was waived when America West changed contractors and agreed to improvements. America West is now a TIMCO customer.

United mechanics have complained about the quality and cost-effectiveness of maintenance done by repair shops. Several months ago, IAM officials say, work done on a number of Boeing 737s under an FAA directive was done incorrectly by TIMCO and had to be redone by United mechanics in Indianapolis. TIMCO mechanics used supports made of the wrong material on the front bulkhead that helps keep the plane pressurized during flight, says Bill Austin, a mechanic and IAM safety chairman at United's Indianapolis facility.

"We ended up with three or four planes flying around for months with (the wrong) material," Austin says. TIMCO's West says use of the wrong material posed no risk. "It wasn't a safety-of-flight issue," he says.

Austin says it could have been. The bulkhead, which sits in front of the cockpit, isn't as strong without the right supports, he says. "Somebody didn't follow the book."

Full story;

12/26/2002 - Updated 07:37 AM ET
United wants to cut labor costs by contracting aircraft maintenance

By Marilyn Adams, USA TODAY

I use this story because this is the aftermath, from the demise of United ! They have drank the Amfa kool-aid!
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TIMCO Aviation Services, Inc.
Greensboro, NC, United States - Maintenance repair and overhaul facility

TIMCO Aviation Services, Inc. is a provider of aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul services (MR&O). The Company sells and provides aircraft MR&O services to commercial passenger airlines and air cargo carriers throughout the world, and offers maintenance and repair services through its eight repair stations licensed by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). These services include maintenance, repair and modification services for aircraft, and repair and overhaul services on a wide range of aircraft components, flight control surfaces, aircraft interiors and Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines. In addition, the Company provides modification services for the conversion of passenger aircraft to freighter configuration, as well as aircraft engineering services. The services that the Company offers allow its customers to reduce their costs by outsourcing some or all of their MR&O functions.

Aircraft Heavy Maintenance:
The Company performs maintenance, repair and modification services on aircraft at its four repair stations in Greensboro, North Carolina, Lake City, Florida, Goodyear, Arizona and Macon, Georgia. The services the Company offers principally consist of "C" and "D" level maintenance checks and the modification of passenger aircraft to freighter configurations. Each aircraft certified by the FAA is constructed under a "Type Certificate." Anything that is done subsequently to modify the aircraft from its original type design requires the review and approval of the FAA. These modifications are authorized by the issuance of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) or an engineering order issued by the airline's engineering department. Typical modification services include reconfiguring of passenger interiors, installing passenger amenities such as telephones and installing crew rest areas. The Company also converts passenger aircraft to freighter configuration. Additional modification services performed may include cockpit reconfiguration to upgrade the avionics systems to current technology and the integration of traffic control and avoidance systems, wind shear detection systems and navigational aids.

Component Repair and Overhaul Services.
TIMCO Aviation Services provides repair and overhaul services at its FAA-licensed repair stations. Brice Manufacturing and Aircraft Interior Design refurbish aircraft interior components, including passenger and crew seats. TIMCO Engine Center refurbishes JT8D engines.

Engineering Services:
The Company's engineering services group provides integrated aircraft engineering, including aircraft certification, design and approval of modifications to aircraft systems and structures, for customers of its heavy aircraft maintenance operations. It also provides integrated aircraft for airlines, leasing companies and aerospace original equipment manufacturers.

Direct employment inquiries to:
TIMCO Aviation Services, Inc.
Recruiter, Workforce Mgmt. Group
623 Radar Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27410
United States

Here is one of the largest 3rd party Maintenance providers! This is where you will appying if you drink the Amfa kool-aid! The Track record speaks for itself!
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Here is a copy of wages in the Industry!

What is your source CIO?

My Source is Kevin Wildermuth a Northwest Mechanic and Region III Director of AMFA.

Watch this for the Truth

If you will listen close, you will here about a letter of agreement that expired in 1996. Under that letter NWA outsource would have been very low. BUT IT EXPIRED IN 1996 and left them with ZERO Outsource protection.

What part of this FACTUAL INFORMATION don't you understand?
You sure are getting desperate arent you? Dont worry in a few more months you will be back on the floor.

The fact is this is a cyclical industry. Layoffs are part of the cycle. It used to be that layoffs and good pay and benifits were just a part of working in the airline industry. Now thanks to the TWU its just layoffs.

Do we or do we not have members laid off? Yes. But not as high of a percentage as NWA you say. So what? Northwest always laid off big time during the slow times. Besides the numbers the TWU and AA are using are skewed. Some of the jobs that other airlines are shedding now are jobs that the TWU gave away years ago. AA allows subcontractors in to service the entertainment systems, do fuel tank repair and service other airlines that use gates that AA owns. The TWU destroyed many A&P jobs by creating in house outsourcing of A&P work. They dont count foriegn AA mechanics, and all the SICs, overnight checks and Pireps addressed as outsourced work, even though they are not in our contract, which is a good thing for those workers since they earn about $30,000 a year more than us for doing the same line maintenance.

The last quarter of 2003 AMR had $4,391,000,000 in sales, double of what NWA had. As a matter of fact no other airline even broke the $4 billion mark. SWA, the monster threat, had a mere $1,517,000,000, less than one third of AA. For 2003 AMR had over $17.4 billion in sales. The fact is there has never been an airline this big before. AMR accounted for 20% of all sales for the entire US industry. There is no way that this company was going to cease operations last spring. You have to remember that people did not spend $17.4 billion on airfare last year to go to the airport, fly somewhere, turn around and come back. That $17.4 billion was just to get people to where they were going to spend several times that $17.4 billion. If AA were to cease operations who would have picked up all those airfares? The government would have had to intervene and keep AA flying, like they keep those empty AMTRACK trains running, only our airplanes are not empty.

The TWU, and you CIO are scammers. Your plan is simple and transparant, you want to help AA become as much of a monopoly as possible. For the TWU it means more members. You dont care a hoot about the quality of the jobs, which is why unions were formed in the first place, just the quantity. As far as the TWU is concerned we are all still overpaid. We make more than double what the average TWU member makes, which is $15/hr. You know the TWUs motto, A loaf of bread,,,,. Well if $15/hr is good enough for the rest of the TWU I guess they feel it should be good enough for us. Itsnt that what your chart says we are worth?
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Thats your Problem informer you listen to a guy that has lied, and will continue to lie to get a card signed!

Bob, do you actually believe what you write? Layoffs are part of the cycle? Who has the better oppurtunity of returning? NW or AA?

BK is controlled by the judge not the company or unions! The difference in Representation is to have the understanding on how to represent the membership that will have the most impact for the majority! Not the minority! When a group gets together and the majority of the participants vote a peticuliar way than you should comeout and support that decission! As you and Dave continue to point out you as the minority lack the understanding of this concept!
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Here is some of the positions available!

A&P Technician
TIMCO Aviation Services, Inc. - Greensboro, NC, United States (profile)

Permanent position
High school diploma or equivalent.

1. A&P License and/or 2 years aircraft maintenance experience.
2. Must provide own tools as indicated on Company Tool List.
3. Read, write, and understand English language.

Duties / Responsibilites
Perform aircraft interiors maintenance and/or repairs within budgeted time and at TIMCO standards of quality. Organizes work plan in an efficient and resourceful manner.

A&P Mechanics - Greensboro - STS Services, Greensboro, NC
A&P Mechanics - Lake City - STS Services, Lake City
A&P Mechanics - Mobile - STS Services, Mobile, AL
A&P Mechanics - Oklahoma City - STS Services, Oklahoma City, OK
A&P Mechanics - Roswell, NM - STS Services, Roswell, NM
A&Ps - Oklahoma City, OK - STS Services, Oklahoma City, OK
Aircraft Interiors - Lake City - STS Services, Lake City
Aircraft Interiors - Mobile - STS Services, Mobile, AL
Aircraft Upholstery Specialists - STS Services, Greensboro, NC
Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics - STS Services
Avionics Technicians - Greensboro - STS Services, Greensboro, NC
Composites Technicians - Miami, FL - STS Services, Miami, FL
Sheetmetal and A&P Supervisors - Dothan - STS Services, Dothan, AL
Sheetmetal Mechanics - Dothan, AL - STS Services, Dothan, AL
Sheetmetal Mechanics - Greensboro - STS Services, Greensboro, NC
Sheetmetal Mechanics - Lake City - STS Services, Lake City
Sheetmetal Mechanics - Mobile - STS Services
Sheetmetal Mechanics - Oklahoma City - STS Services, Oklahoma City, OK
Sheetmetal Mechanics - Plattsburg, NY - STS Services, Plattsburg, NY
Providing worldwide employment

Compensation / Benefits
Medical/Dental, Prescription Drugs, Vision program
Paid Vacation/Sick leave
License premiums

Application Instructions
You may download our application directly.
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STS Services
Jensen Beach, FL, United States - Contract Maintenance

Since 1981, STS has provided mechanics to meet the needs of the aviation industry -- a record of experience that is unmatched.
From North and South America to Europe, Africa and the Pacific Rim, we've supported the operations of clients the world over. From international carriers to regional and commuter airlines, manufacturers, cargo carriers, charter operators, maintenance bases and FBO's, we've served the entire field.
Most of all, STS has earned an outstanding reputation for delivering quality contracts and opportunities. When you need it, wherever you need it, for as long (or as briefly) as you need it.
STS is a mechanic-dominated organization, which is the way we think an aviation labor company should be. Our executive management and sales personnel all have backgrounds as aviation mechanics. That gives us greater insight into the needs of our clients; and a better ability to ensure that we provide our clients with only the best contracts to choose from.
Our company is dedicated to one thing, making sure that our employees are taken care of - OUR EMPLOYEES ARE OUR #1 PRIORITY.

Direct employment inquiries to:
Human Resources
STS Services
2000 N.E. Jensen Beach Blvd.
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
United States

Telephone: 800-359-4STS
Email: [email protected]
Company telephone: 800-FLY-4STS
Alternate company telephone: 561-220-9960
Company fax: 800-359-4787
Company web site:
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Actually it should be Delle-femine in charge! I believe he's the one who left the amfa members high and dry at Braniff 2.
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little tony, this wasn't a surprise; this shows AMFA’s intelligence! Miss-information and lack of education shows!

More to come! Have a Great TWU Day!
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Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aero) is a global company with more than 5,000 employees around the world and a global customer base that includes many advanced military forces, 7 of the world’s largest airlines and all of the world’s 3 leading freight carriers.

As the largest, independent, third party aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) with an annual capacity of more than 6 million man-hours, and extensive capabilities in engineering and development, engines, aircraft components repair and spares, we assure our customers consistency in quality standards for all their aviation maintenance and engineering services.

With international offices and facilities located in key aviation hubs in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the United States, ST Aero believes in being responsive to our customers’ needs. Our work processes are focused on meeting their requirements and creating value for them to enhance their operational excellence.
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ST Aero started as a maintenance depot to support the Republic of Singapore Air Force in 1975. Today it has today grown into a full-service aviation facility that supports a global clientele operating a wide range of commercial and military aircraft.

• Signed Joint Venture Agreement with China Eastern Airline to set up first repair facility in China.

• Set up San Antonio Aerospace (SAA) in San Antonio, USA.
• Set up Bournemouth Aviation Services Company (BASCO) in Bournemouth, UK.

• Merged under Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engg) together ST Kinetics, ST Elect and ST Marine.

• Set up Aerospace Engineering Services (AES) in Perth, Australia.

• Established ST Mobile Aerospace Engineering (MAE) in Mobile, USA.

• Set up Airline Rotables Limited (ARL) in Stansted, UK.
• Expanded into the commercial market with establishment of ST Aviation Services (SASCO).
• Listed on Singapore Exchange.

• Formed Eurocopter South East Asia JV with Eurocopter.

• Started operations and undertook the refurbishment of the A4 Skyhawks
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AAR Aircraft Services
Oklahoma City, OK, United States - Aircraft Maintenance and Modification Services (list jobs)

AAR Airframe and Accessories Group, Inc. dba AAR Aircraft Services is one of sixteen (16) wholly owned subsidiaries of AAR Corp., a publicly held company specializing in worldwide aviation support and service. AAR Corp. is listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

AAR Aircraft Services is a full-service Aviation Service Organization whose principal business is providing service and support to the world's major and regional airline fleets, business aviation operators, and domestic and international Original Equipment Manufacturers. AAR is a Class IV fully certified repair and modification center, licensed under the authority of the Federal Aviation Administration, operating under Certificate Number JR2R936K. AAR is accepted by the Joint Aviation Authorities as an acceptable source of maintenance for JAA Member Authority controlled aircraft/aircraft components in accordance with JAR 145.10 (d)/(f), has adopted drug and alcohol abuse programs and is ISO-9002 certified.

The facilities and ramp area operated by AAR include seven (7) large hangars (300,000 sq. ft.) on 35 acres of land, located on Will Rogers World Airport, of which 25.0 acres are dedicated to ramp and tie-down area. These hangars can accommodate aircraft up to a DC8 - 70 series aircraft.

Our paint facilities, also located at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, can accommodate DC8, B707 and B757 size aircraft.

Our capabilities include:

MAINTENANCE - Service and support of national and international major airlines, U.S. Military, and freight carriers including aircraft maintenance, inspection and repair, major airframe modification, avionics service and installations, structural repair, interior refurbishment, exterior refinishing, complete engineering services and support.

Direct employment inquiries to:
Human Resources
AAR Aircraft Services
6611 South Meridian
Oklahoma City, OK 73159
United States

This is where Alaska serviced by Amfa is sending A/C to be overhauled!