Dec 30, 2002
I watched one of the best football games I have ever seen this week. Ohio State upsetting Miami. Imagine if you will those coaches and those players working in our industry. Stop to imagine if the headcoach out there that night motivating, leading, directing, managing, planning was your crew chief, first line supervisor. How long would he last or even stay in our environment? He would find himself surrounded by those who couldnt make it where he came from. Those who sole existence now depends on the monthly membership they pay to their socialistic party in the form of dues. He would leave and go back and comments would be made about another who thought he could change the place. We need to change and we better do it quick. The cartel airlines are dying, management has the leg up in the form of policital backing right now. The public is aware of the need for change and the media is supporting management. The public is aware of our wasteful workrules. Yes some do need to change. Good luck the winds of change are blowing.