E+ is great

Nov 26, 2007
As a loyal Continental flyer I have to commend United/Ted on its E+ option. As a Houston based traveler, I have flown Continental and unfortunately Southwest for many years. This Thanksgiving however, I went to Miami out of Denver after staying over in the city for a few days before that trip. I flew CO to Denver, but I had purchased roundtrip tickets on United/Ted to Miami from DEN because of an attractive fare.

I was excited to try a new airline. Living in Houston makes it difficult for me to try other airlines. I travel often, but usually in coach. I never realized how tight coach is on Continental until I flew E+ on United. The ticket that I purchased was in regular economy, but upon arrival to the gate in Denver the agent announced that United was selling E+ seats for a reasonable fee of $44.00. So, instead of flying on this Ted A-320 in the back end, I was upgraded to E+.

I have to say that this section is wonderful. I talked with a loyal United flyer and she explained to me how great it is to have this section. I really appreciated the extra legroom and it made all the difference. Although Continental may offer free food on some flights in economy, I really would prefer the option of an E+ section. I also have to say I enjoyed the service from Ted/United which included a free movie, buy-on-board, channel 9 and XM radio. It was a pleasant experience and I will fly United again even though I live in Houston.

While Continental is a decent airline, there is nothing like E+ and United's/Ted's service. In my opinion, is easily comparable to what I receive on CO and it easily surpasses the few experiences I have had on SW.

I just want to say great job United and I think you have a wonderful thing going with E+ and I wish Continental would offer such a product.

I just purchased a ticket to Vietnam in Business for next year on United because I was so impressed. Hopefully my aircraft will have the new seats. Thanks again and I hope to see United and E+ in the air for years to come!


Nov 15, 2006
I have never flown United, but I have heard from others that it makes a difference. I still enjoy JetBlue.


Feb 15, 2003
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Continental First:

Thank you for taking the time to post your experience on United/TED. As a United employee it's refreshing to hear about positive customer experiences on UA for a change. Hopefully your trip to Vietnam will leave you with a similar positive experience of UA. Our Hong Kong-based crews that work the trip are top-notch. Happy Holidays...
I was a Premier Exec for many years; I actually switched all of my travel to United when E+ was rolled out. It makes flying quite enjoyable and I can actually use my lap top without having to type at an agle or use the middle seat tray table.

Another secret: If you are a 1K or 1P, they block the middle seat next to you until departure time :)