Eagle Street Hiring


Aug 20, 2002
American Eagle Hiring in Cleveland, Will Host Open House

Leading Regional Airline Adding to Staff at
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

CLEVELAND, July 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- American Eagle is pleased to announce job opportunities in the exciting regional airline business. The airline will conduct interviews in Cleveland on July 8 and 9. Those interested are invited to attend and find out how their interests and talents might match the needs of our new team in Cleveland.

Interviews will be held at the Cleveland Airport Holiday Inn, located at:
4181 W. 150th St.
Cleveland, OH 44135
Tel: 216-252-7700

Candidates may also apply online and can request an interview by going to the American Eagle Careers site at http://www.americaneaglecareers.com , selecting the link for Station Agent positions and completing the application for employment. Once candidates have completed and submitted their online applications, American Eagle will follow up via e-mail with more details about upcoming interviews.
As far as I know, the AA/AE agreement to give furloughees preference in hiring applied only to flight attendants applying for flight attendant openings.
For a AA pilot to go to AE, except for a contractural flowback . . . . the guy would have to be pretty desperate to go back to being an FO on a prop or commuter jet and put up with paltry pay, no retirement, work rules, and crap out of mgmt as well as the AE ALPA pilot group. I also doubt if AE management would want highly experienced pilots as FOs when they can hire all the young 1000 hr. flight instructors they want who will keep their mouths shut and put up with culture, at least for a few years. From what I've heard, general morale at AE is pretty low.
The pilots have a different situation than all other work groups. They are the only ones with a flow-through/flowback arrangement between AA and AE. For the rest of us who are laid off, you have about the same chance as someone off the street depending on which interviewer you get. There's supposed to be an agreement between AA and AE giving preference to flight attendant candidates at AE who are furloughed AA flight attendants, but it is not a guarantee. Some have been hired; others not.

I was turned down on a day when two young women who showed up in ripped jeans and flip-flops were sent to medical for physicals--tatamount to being given a training class placement if you pass the physical. In some cases the background check isn't completed until you are already in training.
WingNaPrayer said:
Don't furloughs get first crack?
That's in the last line of the press release from June 24th. "...to explain the various options open to them, one of which is to apply for work at American Eagle."