Essay Question

St. Leibowitz

Aug 19, 2002
Wexford Holdings owns the operating certificates for Republic and Chautauqua. The pilots at Chautauqua declined to ratify the j4j protocols. With that in mind, compare and contrast the following two official communications:
Chautauqua Company Update for December 20, 2002:
...Our Holding Company has also reached a tentative agreement with US Airways to operate up to another 23 regional jets; also assuming numerous conditions are met, including approval by the ALPA association at US Airways. Since Chautauqua cannot comply with the Jets for Jobs requirements, additional furloughed pilots from Airways would be covered under the other regional jet service agreement between the Holding Company and US Airways....
U- ALPA code-a-phone; December 24, 2002:
Item 2. The Company has informed ALPA that Republic Airlines, which will start operations in July 2003, will be a Participating Affiliate Carrier in the Jets for Jobs protocol. Beginning in July the carrier is expecting to receive two aircraft per month, with 100 percent of the vacancies being made available to US Airways pilots up to the first nine aircraft. We will provide more information on these vacancies once it becomes available.