Facilities and GSE under AMFA?


Oct 20, 2007
I was perusing YouTube and came across this video of AMFA trying to huckster AA Facilities and GSE into joining them. I listened to the two “Mechanics” in this video and felt incredibly sad. The guy was right when he said they signed with the Devil.

According to SWA Negotiations page they say AMFA represents 38 Facilities Maintenance. They don’t mention GSE at all? So if that’s correct why do they only represent 38 of those people?

By contrast the last I checked TWU represents 1809 Facilities/ GSE Mechanics. And on top of that TWU represents over 7000 more AMT’s at AA against AMFA at SWA. It’s the TWU who proved long ago that they can walk and chew gum at the same time and represents everyone all inclusively.

Maybe someone should ask Mr Barkham if he still feels he made the right choice going with AMFA? I won’t since I’m sure AMFA would find some way to retaliate against this guy if he publicly stated his position today.