fleet svce reductions

there were packets mailed out a few weeks ago. I believe many turned down PHL, however, there will be 35 new Fulltime transfers to PHL. There is to be a further announcement sometime in October.

You are represented by the IAM so I doubt if the IAM shares any info since they like all the info staying within the lapdog.
As soon as Dave can he will place as many Fleet Service Agents as he can to MDA with the iam's blessing.
Remember even though the starting wage for MDA will be lower the dues is always the average wage of each lodge so the iam is gaurenteed their dues.
As far as the lapdogs dont be so kind ..these fools are playing with our future.
yeah, have not heard anything from the iam...i like how they keep their website current and up to date..are any smaller mainline cities taking the axe as bad as pit,clt,phl? (ie...dca,ric,mco)