Food For Thought


Aug 21, 2002
Ever wonder why there is so much on the U board when the HP people don't post as much, nor do they worry about salaries and seniority issues? Oh yes, we wonder about them--but Doug Parker has said we will be okay--we will be an airline to prosper. The seniority, and salary thing will work out and we will be getting raises at HP to come up near or at U salaries. Yes, we're happy about that. But even before hearing him speak we didn't worry. Why? Because we believe in our leader. He is truly a great man and will look out for us in the long run.
Supervisors and managers at HP don't squable with the employees. They also are great leaders. We share good times together and work together to help everyone else. During last year's snow storm in Reno we had to close the office for 3 days--why? Because it was too risky to drive to work. Some of us flew to Phoenix to help man the phones but others of us stayed at home and started diging out. We were able to do this because Phoenix pitched in and did extra hours and took over the phones. When they had their holiday party we worked extra hours so more of them could attend and they did the same for us. We all work well together and that's why we're not only happy but profitable.
The flying public can tell when they get a happy employee on the phone.
So everyone chill for awhile and let the merge go as it's suposed to. Don't worry about the outsoursing. Winston will be around--how I wish Pit would be too, but alas it's now 3 res centers working together. INT, PHX and RNO. We're happy to welcome our sister res center into our family and we will be here for you too.
drifterreno said:
He is truly a great man and will look out for us in the long run.
Supervisors and managers at HP don't squable with the employees.
Youve been drinking waaayyy to much kool aid reno. I talk to csa's, rampers, mechanics, and res agents from HP all the time and they all say the same thing. The only thing that sucks more than the pay is the working conditions at the all great AWA :down:
delldude said:
OIL AND WATER :lol: :lol: :mf_boff: :mf_boff:

Oil and Water ? Who knows?

I'll take the potential prospects over a boat anchor and a tough row to hoe that we've been living with any day. I'd loveto see the shadow of doom go away.

I'm confident that things are going to continue to change...but with the HP merger at least we have some degree of hope of this working out.
Some hope beats No hope by any stretch of the imagination.

The status quo at U sure as hell wasn't getting it done ..and after 25,000 people have lost their jobs...and the remainder (executives excluded) have lost many of the reasons for even staying in the industry , sweeping change is required ,if we hope to have even a fraction of what we were still going.

With all that is known...and with all that is assumed , being what it is..or might be? The time has come to get to terms with things. You are either on board with the changes that the merger will present , and try to make things better...or maybe its time for a complete change of your career path and associated expectations.

Throwing rocks at HP's next moves is not going to change much , if anything? so you need to decide what's right for you?...and act accordingly...acting out with jabs of no hope is certainly not going to benefit anyone involved , least of all yourself ,unless you already have a lucrative exit strategy and you just enjoy stirring the pot to keep others nervous?

For me...if the merger means job loss for me? No problem !! I've geared myself for this possibility ever since the UA merger stuff started...and the post 9-11-01 events compounded my resolve.

Should the merger mean relocating?...I'll cross that bridge when I come to it...but a plan B is in place regardless. The cost of living at the possible new location will decide it all for me. Relocating in itself is nothing more than a change of location..and I've done that countless times prior to this point...and for a fracton of what I make now in the open workplace. I'm sure many ex-Military types understand exactly what I'm talking about...and likely a lot of former and present Express employee's do to.

Remember...unless you are a high paid (over paid executive here) or even a Pilot at certain levels...this is a Job , nothing more. The word career has long since lapsed into the cosmos...along with all the pay and benefits that made it a career before.