For the experts-Why is Group concerned with W/O successorship language?


Aug 27, 2002
I seem to fail to understand why ALG pilots are unable to obtain a T/A with USG. It would seem that Dave has no intention of keeping ALG or PDT due to these terms. If that is the case why not just shut the doors now and get it over with instead of playing these silly little games with people''s livelyhoods. Dave may be the almighty savior everyone was starving for, but in my book he''s just another stuffed shirt like the rest of them![:knockout:]


Aug 21, 2002
Dave wants the language because Dave is a Dealmaker not an Airline Manager. Despite his very public proclamations of running the airline profitably and love of labor he is not about that, he's about making a Deal. Perhaps he has an eye to Mergers and Acquisitions.

There are little red flags here and there; Look out and watch your back, with friends like Dave who needs a Wolf.[;)]