Group Plans Name Change For DHL Airways After Takeover

Bill, don''t make me say it to you again: this board doesn''t care about cargo. No sexy topics in the movement of airfreight. Just tremendous value. Can''t argue with that!

This window-dressing move by Deutche Post to ''massage'' the 24.9% ownership rule is ground-breaking for the airline industry (who remembers KL/NW anyway?) and thus could provide a roadmap for the recovery of the combination carriers.

I find it curious that Fedex/UPS are not joined by the USPS in this crusade to deny the Germans a toehold in domestic American market. Perhaps because the USPS has been accused of the same sins as DHL (i.e. using a first-class mail monopoly to subsidize the express market).

The Germans ain''t going away though. This is going to be good!!