Hawaii Fare Wars Are on

How sweet is this? 30% off Hawaii flights to go with the continued $39 fares for the inner island hoping. That will for sure drum up some market share to put in SWA's corner, might even be hard to get a seat on some. Always great to hear the fare sales where people really want to go. 30% OFF HAWAII FLIGHTS...

At what point does it stop being introductory and start being desperate?
Wow! Didn't catch this in the last article. In Sep SWA will go from 38-60, an increase of 22 added inner island flights in Hawaii. Fantastic news for the Hawaii locals and also the tourist that like island hoping to see more and more of Hawaii. 22 addition flights AND the fare sale of $39 island hoping will go hand and hand. Great way to pick up market share.

And now Hawaiin is matching said sale pricing.
A great comparo between SWA and Hawaiian on these fare wars. While Hawaiin Air's planes are older, not much diff in the two except for leg room, quieter a/c, easier and faster reservations and purchasing, newer aircraft and much cleaner kept as noted, and of course not brought up in this comparo SWA fly's bags for free as well as free carry-ons. Where Hawaii has charges for. Most tourist would have bags and carry-ons but not so much biz travelers only going for a few hours and back. Also as noted the replacement interior on Hawaii's planes were lighter and thinner which also translate into firmer seat bottom cushions but hard to say if matters on 20-30 min short flights.
Overall, about the same except for these highlights; SWA has more leg room (comfort), larger aircraft, cleaner and newer a/c, easier and faster bookings, bigger o/h bins (bonus), bags fly free with carry-ons, and of course the very well known first class customer relations with our famous F/A's as well as free beverages (also on Hawaiin).
Looks like the $39 fares are a popular choice in Hawaii. Will be greatly appreciated thru end of year for sure. Thanks to Southwest for bringing them.

Awesome! More TWU 555 and 556 members!
ZERO AMFA Members. Oh wait, that's the IBT's fault from 25 years ago. Nevermind 🤣
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At what point does it stop being introductory and start being desperate?
Never E, as it never will get desperate. As you already know, SWA has always done seasonal fare sales during the slower months of travel every single year for past decades, just like all the airlines do.

And BTW; just 15 hours left to book saving going to Hawaii with 30% off traveling to there and back, and of course all the $39 fares for the island hoping trips to see as much as possible while there. Booking must be in by midnight tonight...