Help! my station has had enough!

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HERE WE GO AGAIN... Earlier this week our manager had a MAJOR security violation that he/she told an agent to do the WRONG thing, after the agent told our mgr ''No- I don''t feel right doing it-and it is the WRONG thing to do''. So our poor agent followed what the mgr said to do- and then called someone (higher up) to say that they thought it was wrong, and also to report the incident (so that they cannot get blamed later on)..
Well it seems out manager finds out about this and writes the employee up for going above his/her head, and gets real snotty with everyone taking away any VTO that might be available. HOW WRONG IS THAT?!!!!
You mean to tell me that if I KNOW my mgr is doing something illegal I have to talk to them FIRST???? Sorry PSA, if my mgr is doing something illegal- I''m going to report it to the head of that divison in corporate level.

I hope the employee that got written up, in the end gets our manager fired! This has everyone in our station fuming. If at nothing else, it has brought all of us closer.. We just dont know who to talk to, or how? I mean we all fear for our jobs now.. Except me.. I''ll keep on typing and calling people until we are gien the justice we deserve!

Its not like we''re asking for anyting important except to be left to do our jobs without harassment!

Any ideas are still appreciated!

Thanks for all your help and ideas so far... KEEP THEM COMING!

From A station in Chaos..

Ryan M.

[email protected]
On 6/13/2003 6:44:00 PM spanky1996 wrote:

I fear for my job if I were to post it here.

too late... they got your number alrerady