Holy Moly Andy....

Ronin, from all your posts you are a pissed off mtc technician. Get over it UAL is gonna make it loan or not...despite all your pessimism.
I thought this might be relevant for the current state of the industry. In an article about Bob Ortega's book on Wal-Mart called "In Sam We Trust" - "Wal-Mart's way of thinking, its unrelenting focus on giving the customer the lowest price, has become the norm, not just in retail but in all of business. This can't be done without crushing labor."

Later in the article, it said, "the question of how to threaten profits, given such intense customer loyalty, is one of many that the labor movement's current dialogue must engage."

Regardless of where you stand on the issues, it was quite interesting and observant.
batman said:
<<<On a side note, has anyone noticed that no A319/320's have the new UA paint job? So far I've seen a 737, 757, 767, 777, and 747 in the new livery. I've also seen many TED airplanes. Any guesses? >>>

Yes, the current livery schedule starts with older airplanes. Many Airbuses were delivered only a few years ago, so except for TED, I dont expect to see any A320/319 in the new livery until at least next year or two.
Jetz, you must be having premonitions, because no 767s or 747s are wearing the new scheme yet.

In fact, the first 747 with new colors won't roll out until November.