How Much Will You Give For The New Ceo?

My answer to the question is with a question :

How much is a new CEO willing to give in the way of talent and perserverance
to grow our mainline in select markets, increase stage lengths, and
expand International Flying ?

Does the new CEO really have a plan to grow and expand Mainline ?

Just as dave was Wolf II (or Wolf the Shorter), any new CEO would be dave II, or wolf III. This place has had a FOR SALE sign on it since Wolf arrived, and it has not been taken down.

dave is doing what the folks who OWN U want him to do.

Employee ownership? HA! JUst ask the folks at UA how much say-so they had, and that's WITH ALPA and IAM on the BOD.

With each employee owning a few shares, they must vote those shares en bloc to make a difference. It never happens.
More money to save my job really means more money to line their pockets.

Ain't gonna happen.

Why should we suffer to make them richer?
Tim Nelson said:
Consider history. Airline Labor Organizations have advocated no concessions time and time again only to displace a current CEO with a new one and then give bigtime concessions. That's the game that is played.
We have seen this with Wolf at United, Goodwin, and even Tilton. We need to look no further than home to see that Wolf couldn't get concessions so Seigel was called in and all the unions ordained him as Labor Friendly Dave. So what is going on now.

IMO, you have to cut through all the smoke and mirrors of the Unions rhetoric. Their past actions speak far greater than their words. When I read the "Concession stand is closed" I hear that it is closed to Seigel, and the Union is positioning the membership to take further cuts by manufacturing the following:
It is setting up Seigel as the fall guy or enemy number one. Then they will
solicit and court another CEO, proclaim him the savior and deliver further
concessions at his altar.

The last part, i.e., delivering further concessions, will be manufactured through fear and a 'doing your part' campaign to try to convince its members that the union knows best. Again, I'm only repeating history and the unions have a well paven path with this stuff, often dabbling into picking CEO's only to find out that they once again picked the wrong guy and didn't have a clue as to what they were doing.

The unions armed with further concessions will in fact have the 'ear' of the Board of Directors. The Board probably doesn't want to get rid of Seigel but money talks. With a piggy bank full of million$ of further concessions [your money] being dabbled in front of their nose by the unions, I believe the Board will consider a change at the top.

At any rate, whether or not you agree with me, would you give more if in fact your union "teamed up" with a new CEO and stuck their hands into your pocket again? And if you would, then what would it take for you to do that?

IMO, it would be like throwing money into a running toilet. The employees did their part already no matter who is running this airline. And as a ramper I know that there is nothing we can do to save this airline...rampers could work for free and this airline still would be losing bigtime money!
History just repeated itself this week. ALPA did not want to give concessions at Delta but after the Delta CEO left, ALPA signed a t/a in less than a week.

Remember, the concession stand isn't closed, just for Seigel. Watch how the unions will change their tune once Seigel is gone. I think the unions will make sure of it and Bronner will agree because money [concessions] talks.
Then they will parade their new labor friendly guy around, claim he is worthy and demand that you start your worship of him by throwing more of your money [concessions] at his feet.
Tim Nelson the information in your post is very wrong.

Delta and their Pilots have not signed any concessions, better check your sources and Mullin is still in control at DL till January.

Delta Far From Reaching Deal With Pilots
Thursday December 4, 5:37 pm ET
Delta Air Lines, Pilots Union Remain Far Apart on Reaching a Deal on Wage Concessions
The question is "where is the leak?"

Some statistics comparing 2nd quarter 2001 (pre 9/11) with 3rd quarter 2003 for U mainline:

Employee costs down over 31%
Total costs down over 26%
CASM down less than 10%

Some other tidbits (again mainline):

3rd Qtr CASM 10.98 cents
Dave wants CASM below 9 cents

That's a 22% reduction in CASM

Can the employees afford to give Dave what he wants thru concessions - another 60+% would do it.

I'll give nothing. Let him take the concessions U has already reeived from us and formulate some kind of revenue- generating and competing with the lcc's plan. Management received-and took- everything that they wanted. But they forgot about running the co. The bod can get someone else in here to run it but he's going to have to do it with what is here. The bank is closed.


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