InFlight Cafe takes off Jul 1


Aug 19, 2002
July 1 is the starting date of InFlight Cafe. They brought some of the meals in today for us to sample so we can let the customers know what to expect if they ask. I thought it was pretty good. Not fancy 5 star restaurant stuff, but better than airport food and definitely not airline food. The lettuce was actually green! Anyway, was just curious if anyone else has had the chance to try it and what they thought. Most of the agents gave it a thumbs up, with the only part some didnt like being the asiago foccacia bread with the salad option. (I thought it tasted ok, but it could use some olive oil to dip it in.) Anyone?
So something I''ve been wondering: If we''re in First, do we get the InFlight Cafe meal for free or do we get the "traditional" meal? Quite honestly, I think I''d rather have what''s being served in Coach, based on the rave reviews I''ve heard from several folks.
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From everything I''ve seen and read, you get whats being served in coach, but for free. On some flights you might have other options as well. I can tell you the chicken caesar sandwich I had today was better by a long shot than the current ham and cheese sandwich I had in First Class last month
Supposidly transcon first class will still receive the full first class meal. The exception is the red-eye, which will now get the sandwich option. I am taking the LAX-PHL red-eye tomorrow night and will let you know what we do get. I am actually hoping that we get the breakfast option, as I prefer to eat something about 1/2 hour out of the arrival city on a red-eye.
Just finished a trip and did the Buy on Board 3 times. Two dinner flights and one breakfast flight. The food is really good and it''s A LOT of food for what your paying. I think the salad is the best but the sandwich seems to sell more. The F/A''s are not happy about selling the food and everyone seems to think it should be sold in the gate area or on the jetway. I could really care less where it''s sold but, my coworkers are having a fit about it.
I think it''s reasonably priced because it''s about what you would pay for a meal and drink in the airport shops.
I''ve sampled the chicken salad and it was just OK. For ten bucks I could do better at Burger King. Today I made the first gate announcement for the flight to PHL and told the crowd there would be no complimentary food in coach and it wasn''t two minutes later that man with a family of four shoved an itinerary in my face showing breakfast being served. After a couple of minutes of unloading on me he left with consumer affairs address.

c'mon already, you know why the f/as are upset. After being taken to FAA minimum staffing with food taken off, food is now brought back and no extra staffing for meals service and selling.

So where's the COMMISSION for selling? That's the argument.

It's been posed to management twice. This is a separate vendor, lilke duty free and the f/as, WHO ARE BROKE, MIND YOU, AND STARVING THEMSELVES because there are no more crew meals, want commission to promote and sell this type of meal.

Also, they are angry because at the end of the night, when In-flight Cafe personnel is to pick up the money, THEY DON'T SHOW UP. So, the f/a either takes it home,(which could get them in big trouble) or THEY LEAVE IT ON THE CLIP BOARD, OR AGENT, who doesn't want it cause they don't want to be responsible for it.

AFA waits for the company to respond to the comission. If they want this to truly be successful, then pay the f/as a percentage for the extra responsibility and promotion of the product.

What are you preaching at me for? First, go and check your CATCREW MAIL. It addresses what you just brought up about commission.
Yes, I experienced being delayed 2 hours and not having a SkyChef rep to take the money envelope. The sheet says hand it to the agent. I go a step further and get the agent to sign for it. I understand EVERYTHING your saying because I have experienced it.
You think the company gives a rats rear about putting the proper staffing back on flights? Don''t waist your breath won''t do any good.

That my dear friend, is a great idea. I think our passengers should operate the airline.
Hey Pitbull honey!!

I was told by a very nice F/A on my flight to DFW that the plane is only stocked with meals for only 10% of the total # of customers on the plane, excluding FC. Is that true? If so, what happens if the entire plane decides they want a meal?? Air food rage?? ;)

I sent an email to Consumer Affairs saying there needs to be a way for the customer to purchase a meal whenever they are making a reservation online or through an agent. We''ll see if anything is implemented in the near future towards doing this.

I did pull it up....and ITS A DOOR PRIZE. WoW, the flight of the day that has the most sales gets a wooping $25 buck-a-roonies. Wonder if that's taxed?

Not what AFA had asked or intended, once again major disappointment.
What about kids meals? No one is gonna pay $10 for a meal that is not worth it and kids will not eat it. The salads are good, but the meal is not worth $10.
I was not aware that the company was going to have the f/a serving these meals. This sky chief company should be at the door before the passenger boards taking the money. This is their product, imagine the money they are making and here the company has it''s employees doing all the work. I feel this is very unfair to our f/a, it doesn''t even make since, unless we own sky chief. can someone please explain why this is happening?
trvlr64 -
IT is working on giving you the ability to buy meal coupons at the Kiosks. I am not sure if they are going to do anything with web check-in or the website.

LavMan -
The Buy on Board meals are an option for you. If your kids won't like the meal then you always have the option to purchase something in the airport and bring it with you.
[but the meal is not worth $10.]

The actual food is not worth $10, but did you consider that the food needs to be packaged appropriately for delivery to the passenger[customer, for Bob] ,the logistics of preparing it, trucking it, delivering it, catering it, etc..............