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Art at ISP

Aug 20, 2002
Dix Hills NY
In checking into January and beyond I see that we lose one frequency ISP-PHL. It seems they took away the 6AM departure to PHL and the 8PM return. Does anyone have any more information on plans for ISP?
Most of these flights are totally overbooked--cancelling one trip is NOT the way to save money-it will only cost more in denied boarding compensation.
Then again, you COULD upgrade the equipment from the Dash (now I''m really dreaming).
I sympathize with all my friends at US, but if they keep cutting service I think they will shoot themselves in the foot and they will lose more customers in the long run. I can only be loyal if you can take me where I need to go.
Any input from knowledgeable sources would be appreciated.
My best to you all.
ART at ISP: I feel bad for you and your plight.

Unfortunately, the BIG downside to hub 'n spoke carriers is that you (and anyone else at a smaller station) don't just fly to a hub and stop. You fly to a hub and then connect somewhere else. That means one-butt sitting in two seats (at least) to get to his/her destination. That is why all those simple-math scenarios about US and its CASM don't work. The MAJORITY of US Airways passengers take four (at least) flights to get to and from their destination.

Hmmmmmm, let's think for a second. If one passenger on one roundtrip nedds FOUR pilots, four first-officers, four sets of FA crews and four sets of ground crews (not to mention FOUR aircraft!!!) how do you expect US to make a profit (and keep a ton of service to an outstation like ISP) ?

Guess what folks. That's Southwest's secret. They only fly routes that make a profit on a one flight basis. Everyone laughs at them because to get from BWI to the SF Bay area you have to connect three times. Well, they do not care. They make a PROFIT on each of those legs so there is ZERO incentive for them to enter the non-stop market UNLESS that SINGLE flight, by itself, can fly and make a profit.

The math is simple.
DL I suppose if we dropped down to 60 cities ,concentrated on good prices and service then nobody would fly us...Welcome to Southwest Airlines , AirTran and Jet Blue and according to the media they're the cats meow...
I'll admit I don't fully understand all of U's cuts. U's network is getting so limited that nobody will want to fly U.

As for ISP, it seems you still have a decent number of frequencies on U. And as a side, DL has added a 2nd daily ISP-FLL and in January, two of three CVG-ISP flights will be upgraded to CRJ700's...adding 40 more seats to the market. I'm pretty sure WN will be adding more flights too.
This will just keep happening. They are desperate to cut costs, and have pretty much attacked the easy stuff. My guess is, that as ISP is a Southwest station, they are having trouble with yields, since most of the traffic is going beyond PHL, which means they have to match the WN fares to the final destination.