Jets4Jobs Pilot Preference Forms? Did you get one?


Aug 20, 2002
I have never seen a preference form from either ALPA or the company. I heard somewhere that you wouldn''t get one until you were close to a call. As for the furlough administrator I believe that those guys are more concerned with themselves than anything that happens to those of us on the lower 1/3 of the senority list. I have yet to feel informed about the whole situation. Hopefully someone will post a reply that will shed some light on it for us.
doh 2/1/99
dof 3/2/02

The Furloughadministrator, believe it or not, is ONE of us. I believe he was hired in an April/May 99 timeframe.

I can not imagine why we do not get more frequent and informative updates from him.
Just an informal poll of furloughed pilots:

Attn Furloughees with 1998-2002 hire dates: Did any of you get your preference form for Jets4Jobs yet?

The company appears to have ambitious goals to very quickly ramp up RJ deliveries. I would think that getting the preference form out to the furloughees in order to create the bid for J4J carriers and MidAtlantic would need to come out pretty quickly to give the company some idea of how many people they will need to place, where they will need to go, and when to schedule classes.

Also, does anyone know if MidAtlantic will definately be a part of mainline (like Metrojet was) and, if so, will furloughed pilots be given the option of bypassing a recall at MidAtlantic and waiting for mainline? If not, will bypassing a recall at MidAtlantic forfeit your recall from the mainline?

I would have assumed the furlough administrator would be providing us with updates regarding this information, but I have not gotten an update from him in quite some time.

Thanks in advance for your responses.