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Aug 20, 2002
Anyone know how eagle is doing in these markets? Pax perception?Loads?
The six trips I've taken as a $ passenger - LGA BOS, listening to comments and soliciting a few is that it's like having your own corporate jet. A few grumbles from the tall guys and the ones that more than fill the seat, but all in all ok!
Thanks for the info. I don't get up to Boston much anymore, but I used to take the Delta Shuttle VERY frequently (when they were still using 727's...I miss those planes!). However, I was thinking of trying AA on my next trip, so I'm very interested to hear how the new ERJ service is doing.

Just out of curiosity, do they use jetways at both airports? I know they do at LGA, but how about BOS? On arrival, does the wait for gate-checked baggage negate any time savings resulting from the smaller # of pax than the DL/US Shuttles? How about snacks, drinks, free magazines, and the various other gimmicks that DL and US throw around? In a cutthroat market, these things can really make a difference. I'd be lying if I said that the chicken fingers and pasta salad on DL, compared with peanuts on US, didn't play a small role in the development of my loyalty towards DL!
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