ME3 vs US3

first, robbed, the industry wasn't deregulated when Pan Am and TWA were large in Europe.

second, perhaps you can find evidence otherwise but no European or US carrier was being subsidized to the point of distorting the market relative to the others.

the issue once again is that Qatar and the UAE are subsidizing their airlines in order to build a transit and tourism base that is far beyond the size of the local market something that has never occurred in the history of commercial aviation.

and those including FedEx who want to argue why they should benefit at the expense of the passenger carriers should consider the reaction if a Mexican company which was subsidized by the government opened up a hub in Mexico 3X the size of MEM and used it to offer deeply discounted small package and freight services throughout the Americas

that is what the ME3 have done and there are trade mechanisms to correct that type of problem in other industries; the US3 are simply asking the US government to develop mechanisms in the passenger airline industry to prevent the ME3 from growing until they comply with int'l trade agreements regarding free trade and to roll back their capacity until they do.
Competing scale: US airlines versus Gulf carriers — graphic
the only question that matters is whether the ME3 airlines are subsidized by their governments.
Crash Pad DCA said:
and because they know the definition of a subsidy......

but i do like how the media and some people are worried about BK NOW. Would have been nice if anyone gave a crap 10 years ago.
WorldTraveler said:
the only question that matters is whether the ME3 airlines are subsidized by their governments.
US Carriers are subsidized as well and they are hypocrites for complaining about ME3 about the subsidies they get. 
US Carriers save billions per year due to the delaying tactics of the NMB and the fact that carriers with billions in the bank can walk in and declare BK. In Europe there is no C-11, if the go BK they liquidates. In Europe there is no NMB and if the workers don't like what the company is doing to them they can strike. Thats why even workers who work for US based carriers in Europe earn far more than their US coworkers. 

DEFINITION of 'Subsidy'
A benefit given by the government to groups or individuals usually in the form of a cash payment or tax reduction. The subsidy is usually given to remove some type of burden and is often considered to be in the interest of the public.
Politics play an important part in subsidization. In general, the left is more in favor of having subsidized industries, while the right feels that industry should stand on its own without public funds.

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thank you for providing that definition which shows that your comments about airline employee wages cannot be used as a definition of a subsidy
it is noteworthy that FIFA is now saying that investigations are deepening into accusations that awards for at least 5 World Cups is under investigation including to Russia and Qatar in 2018 and 2022 and that if bribery is uncovered involving the 2018 and 2022 games, Russia and Qatar will be stripped of the right to host the games.

It is not at all inconceivable to believe that if FIFA is able to find bribery involved in the awarding of the World Cup that the same mindset to win at any cost has not spread to other aspects of travel and tourism in at least Qatar and perhaps other parts of the Middle East.
from the WSJ: (all quotes from the article "Qatar Airways CEO Threatens Oneworld Exit in Dispute With American Airlines")

MIAMIQatar Airways Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker has threatened to exit the oneworld alliance because of actions that he said were taken by fellow member American Airlines Group Inc. to block his carriers business.

Mr. Al Baker said American wasnt providing information on its bookings system to allow the proper transfer of passengers.

The threat comes hours after Mr. Al Baker also warned fellow airline executives at the IATA meeting about efforts to curb his airlines growth. Any rollback of liberal market access and open skies policies reverberate across the whole world and will lead to retaliatory protectionism, he said.

American Airlines Chief Executive Doug Parker on Monday told reporters ....Our dispute is not with any of those three airlines; we are just trying to get the U.S. government to enforce its trade policies, he said.
No, they are not flying it the PHL Airport officials met with them to lobby them to fly to PHL, big difference.
700UW said:
No, they are not flying it the PHL Airport officials met with them to lobby them to fly to PHL, big difference.
Absolutely incorrect. Emirates requested the meetings, not PHL. You must be confused with CLT.
There is nothing in the article you posted with them announcing service to PHL nor is there an official press RELEASE, care to provide it?
COMMENTARY: US white paper on Gulf carriers distorts my academic report
As the author of an academic research paper that was quoted a number of times in a US airline-commissioned 55-page white paper entitled “Restoring open skies:  the need to address subsidized competition from state-owned airlines in Qatar and the UAE”, I would like to address a number of issues pertaining to the report.
I feel that my views were inaccurately interpreted and skewed to serve objectives unrelated to my paper. In particular, I wish to stress the following points:...