Mechanics turn down the concessions.

The travel agents UA told to go to hell did it.

It took several years, but the goal was to bring down UA.


Oh and you think that you and your travel agent buddies are responsible for their CH11 filing. Don't flatter yourself.

And if you haven't noticed...all airlines have cut commissions.
Trip Confirmed:

First of all... I DO NOT work for United. If you followed any of the posts would know that.

Second of all... you Travel Agents will be gone soon. I am a business travel on UA and only book in the internet. Your commissions will continue to be cut. And rightfully so. Why should UA pay you folks when they can go direct to the consumer?

And Third...thanks for sending the below email to my email address provided in my profile. At least have the guts to identify yourself as Trip Confirmed.

Yep...I still think you're an idiot. Don't think your flaming here will exact revenge. You're going the route of the Dinosaur.

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Date: 12/7/2002 2:16:02 PM Central Standard Time
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I'm dirt.

You're working as of Monday, for a bankrupt company.

Nice brains you have working there.

Stay stupid.
Typical UA attitude to travel agents.

Of course, come Monday morning, I'll work really hard to book what few straggling passengers you have left.

You've all made my point. 9/11 was the blame for all your problems.


I'm outta here for good. This whole mindset is pathetic.

Not a thinking brain in the bunch, with stock with less than a dollar. And the news blasting constantly how it's gonna get worse.

Keep your collective heads up your collective butts.
Anyone who says they have been a travel agent for 25yrs must also admit that YOUR industry has changed drastically for the worse as well when it comes to Customer Service..or lack of it....I am in my 36th year and have spent more time...and therefore cost my employer more time went on doing travel agency's work for them...It used to be that working on the Agency Desk was the country club of reservations departments...and then, before we began the demise of the commission structure, it got to the point where most travel agents couldn't add the base fare, tax and come up with a total....we had to do it all for you....I had a travel agent who was so ignorant and demanding once that she wanted me to find out a pax name in a particular seat two weeks prior to dept them at home and ask them to change seats so that her pax could sit together....PULLEEEZE!!!!!!....Then we went thru several years of I don't care if the rules have changed...I want everything waived...oh, nevermind....I'll just call my Sales Rep...and we lost so much money from them making exceptions for you that they are pretty much an extinct group....
I'm thinking that if you personally are so powerful and arrogant that you have brought a carrier as large as United
to it's current situation, you might want to find a new occupation which would better utilize your talents...Perhaps something in DC...
Am I the only one here who thinks and
GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU, MS TRIP CONFIRMED!!!!!!???? Isn't it amazing how UA management has totally made this person carry around that amount of negativity and hatred for such a long time...and to think that TC has nothing better to dedicate a lifetime to than the demise of UAL....wonder how may nights awake plotting and, my, my...I thank God that I have had a better life with better things to do...

You say: You've all made my point. 9/11 was the blame for all your problems.

Moron...none of us on this board has every said that was the sole problem. Bad management, bad business strategies, etc.

Go away idiot.

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