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Aug 21, 2002
Art--make a copy of your CP statement and come on over to HP. You can ask FFD if they can give you a trial match with U. You might be suprised to find you can be Plat at HP right from the beginning. Also--longingforpiedmont--I can't begin to tell you how much Hp reminds me of the good ole PI days. I actually love working there and doing a great job again serving my pax. That's #1 at HP. making the customer feel good about being here.
I'm so sorry U never got it. I used to be very proud to say I was a Pa gal and worked for the best airline in the country. Now, I just feel sorry for the employees still there. I'm sure it hurts to see res going south. What a shame-- :(

Art at ISP

Aug 20, 2002
Dix Hills NY

Thank you for your offer--unfortunately HP does not work for me on a regular basis. Most of my travel is up and down the east coast at this time, and I only go west about once every two months.

Right now US has 3 trips for April, after that, UA gets the business. My fallback to UA might have to be DL.

'Tis a shame folks...a cryin' shame.


Aug 19, 2002
Bear96 said:
CCY has logically decided they can ignore most of what you say, and continue on down their path, with no ill consequences from you. You have proven you will keep coming back for more, no matter what they do.

I took my $45,000/year over to NW. I now only fly US if there is no other viable option.

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