Mishap at MEM


Aug 20, 2002
Someone just sent me pictures of a Mesaba RJ85 entangled with a jetway. Looks like pretty serious damage, quite possibly a writeoff...the forward fuselage is wrinkled, and an engine is hanging off. Anyone know what happened? Was anyone hurt?
The RJ85 in question was being taxied by MTM into a gate in MEM when the A/C lost hydrolics (brakes). This happened on the 15th of October. No one was hurt and they have not determined status of A/C yet. Needless to say though it is messed up.
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Apparently within the past few days, but I don't know for sure. For all I know, they could be pictures of an old incident that are just being circulating now for some reason, but I don't recall anything like this in the past. The person who sent them to me doesn't know much either. From the photos I can see that the aircraft involved is #528 and that it happened at Gate C2.