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Mar 3, 2004
13 additional daily flights beginning 10/31 for PHL:

Press Release Source: Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines Treats Customers to 22 New Daily Nonstop Flights With Low Fares Starting at $29 One-Way
Thursday July 15, 6:33 am ET
No Tricks! Halloween Day Includes Start of 13 Additional Daily Nonstop Flights From Philadelphia!

PHILADELPHIA, July 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The low fare airline today announced 13 additional daily nonstop flights from Philadelphia International Airport, including seven flights to three new nonstop destinations. Effective October 31, 2004, Southwest Airlines' operations will total 41 daily nonstop flights from Philadelphia. New Southwest Airlines nonstop destinations from Philadelphia include Hartford/Springfield (five daily nonstop roundtrip flights), Jacksonville (one daily nonstop roundtrip flight), and Oakland (one daily nonstop roundtrip flight). Enhanced Southwest service includes two additional daily nonstop flights between Philadelphia and Orlando, as well as one additional daily nonstop flight between Philadelphia and each of the following cities: Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Chicago/Midway, and Manchester. Southwest Airlines offers travelers the most consistently low fares, with deep discounts on advance purchase tickets. Philly fliers will now be able to take off to Hartford/Springfield for only $29 one-way with Southwest's 14-day advance purchase fare. Advance purchase fares from Philadelphia start at $79 one-way to Jacksonville and $99 one-way to Oakland.
Southwest is going to blow US away.. all you poor US folk...get out while you can... soon the market will be flooded with 30000 hungry airline employees.
Oakland is a nice addition for a PHL nonstop destination.....
What could be next - AUS, SAT and PDX??
Question, for those in the know.
How many agents does WN staff at the gate for each flight?
Question, for those in the know.
How many agents does WN staff at the gate for each flight?

If you've ever watched "Airline" on A&E, it appears that Southwest has two agents on the gate at each flight. Usually, there is some problem on the show which requires a supervisor to show up and deal with a dilemna, so then you end up with three people at the desk.

Quick aside: When you consider that "Airline", despite all the nightmares that occur per episode, is basically a 30 minute commercial for Southwest, you have to wonder why US didn't jump at the chance to do the show. Perhaps it was a fear that the show's scope might expand to show what labor has to put up with from management.
I don't think that Airline is a commercial FOR Southwest. For example my wife watched with me a couple of times and she said she'd NEVER fly Southwest (to be fair she does not know about my feelings regarding Southwest).

I think Airline is a commercial for any airline BUT Southwest--the impression is all customers are either drunk, obstinate, or pose other problems.

Good luck with that.....
Hope777 said:
Question, for those in the know.
How many agents does WN staff at the gate for each flight?
Usually a single gate agent works a single flight. Some of our gates are configured such that two gates will share a single podium. As others have stated, sometimes a sup will get involved if necessary and it is not uncommon for a second agent to jump in during irregular ops if necessary...however when the staffing schedules are is usually one flight = one agent.