Southwest Airlines Announces More Flights For Phl

SWA is coming to PHL for ONE kill UAIR. They will do whatever it takes to bury UAIR.

"I see a huge problem for them in more perfect 20 min turns..oh well..It is called "The Philly Factor"...Have fun!!!!"

Technically, they'll still do their quick turns - gate arrival to gate departure. What will affect them is the total ground time. But we also have the same problem. They can just do what we do - pad the block time to offset the "Philly Phactor". Now, how much of WN's system will be involved in PHL vs ours? Their system will be much less affected than ours is.

Remember all those folks that said things like "Just wait till they experience ATC in the North East, just wait till they see what the winters are like, just wait till they have to deice, etc" when they announced BWI. Really showed them, didn't we.

Don't under estimate WN; they are well aware of all the BS you have to deal with in PHL; they did pull out of SFO a few years ago due to chronic delay issues but only had a few flights to the station a day anyway. WN has already figured out what they need to do to be successful at mopping up the floor with US; they do their homework and actually go with a well thought out "plan". US has not had a plan or a clue for 15 or 16 years.
autofixer said:
SWA is coming to PHL for ONE kill UAIR. They will do whatever it takes to bury UAIR.
Southwest has a cost advantage. And guess how they keep it, they keep growing. By continuing to grow they keep adding people at the bottom who are at the lowest rates keeping average costs low.

So where do you grow? Where you think you can get away with it easiest.

I hope US does stop WN in there tracks with a competitive cost structure. It won't stop them completely though, they will just go pick on Delta then.
Nobody, and I mean nobody has yet stopped WN in their tracks. The best anyone has managed to do thus far is reach an oligopolistic truce. The only airlines to successfully do this are AS and HP, though CO has sort of done this by using their TATL routes to subsidize their domestics.