Mr Gerald Greenwald ?


Aug 20, 2002
What do you think ? if he was to be are new/old CEO, my feelings are the yes the company ran smooth and we printed money when he was here but 80% of that was the ESOP advantage he had at the time he was in charge.He would be steeping on a new playing field now[:)] and I dont know if Dutta/Studdert getting axed is enough.I am sure he would say that he did not plan for the post esop actions of the company, and that they are regretable but we can not go back in time and we must go forward[:)] maybe I should get into management speech writing at WHQ.


Aug 20, 2002
I'm sorry, but a re-tread CEO is about as worthless as a temporary, interim CEO. No long-term stewardship. Nothing but a caretaker. While I have much respect for Greenwald and a lot of what he accomplished, bringing him back sends the wrong message. And he will forever be associated with the ESOP which isn't exactly viewed with shining accolades these days. UA must put its' best foot forward with the next CEO. I hope it's not Brace. But I continue to get the feeling that the candidates they have on their short list aren't willing to jump into this dysfunction at the moment. I hope I'm wrong.

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