New Denver-Winnipeg Nonstop Service


Aug 20, 2002
Well, at least RJ expansion will continue at Denver as Air Wisconsin will start 2 daily
DEN-YWG nonstop round trips with CRJs on October 8. The flights will code-share with Air Canada. See the press release just issued by United.
IIRC, Air Canada partner AirBC operated this route last year (pre-9/11) with 146s. In addition, I think that Air Wisconsin served this route some years ago as well, also with 146s. So in that sense, it''s not really a new route, just another try at an apparently marginal (at best) market when served previously. Maybe the 3rd time will be a charm.[;)]
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I guess today is the day for new RJ service announcements by United. There were two more press releases issued this afternoon. One discussed new ACA service from ORD to STL and COS, and from IAD to YYZ.

It's just unfortunate that current economic circumstances caused some mainline service on 2 of these 3 routes (ORD-STL/COS) to be dropped in favor of the RJ flights. But having said that, IMHO it is in United's best long-term interest to at least keep a presence in those 2 markets until the mainline service can hopefully return at some point in the future.
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It looks like I'm having a lovely discussion with myself![:sun:]

The second United press release this afternoon discussed new Air Wisconsin service to be operated seasonally from SFO to ASE. Combined with the DEN-YWG, ORD-STL/COS and IAD-YYZ service mentioned above, these 5 routes total 12 daily round trips from 4 of United's 5 hubs (all but LAX). At least the overall United network in growing.
This RJ expansion is one thing that UA definitely has going for it over AA. AA can't expand its RJ ops, which is causing pain to company and customers alike as mainline service shrinks.
Funny how this has been in the schedules for more than a month now. Yet now United announces it......

Just some FYI, but the City of Winnipeg offered to waive all landing fees, and gave them some sort of marketting incentive to start the route. :)

Same story with the Edmonton service they added in May. Now it's Winnipeg's turn. Who's next? I sure hope Montreal. :)

RJs are all DEN-YWG can support. Infact 100 seats per day (2 CRJs) is just about the max for a Denver - Winnipeg route and that may even be pushing it slightly.

Winnipeg is a small market from out west. Northwest out of MSP pretty much has the transborder market rapped up from MSP. Even Air Canada's 3 ORD-YWG flights on CRJs are not always doing too great.

This is a limited market, much more limited than Edmonton (YEG) even.

So this is pretty much the max possible.