On the USA today in the sky site it is reported that Spirit is doing significant furloughs of flight attendants and pilots.

So here's my question, and I guess I could enter the Nuthouse pilot thread to ask it, but maybe someone here knows the answer.

There's a part of the East pilot contract that sets a minimum for aircraft, correct?

So if DP wants to mess with that ie. ground a/c he has to go to the East pilots? Barring another bankruptcy filing, which doesn't seem to be as useful this time. Is it possible that this might shove their negotiations along, while at the same time allow furloughs again, which Uh oh, will be by seniority and USAPA is DOH. Sigh. This could get really ugly.

At any rate, it looks like furloughs. So here's the message Tempe. You have to offer flight attendants VPLOAs first. Try not to be short sighted with this one. I am more expensive than a junior flight attendant. Convince me to go and life gets cheaper. Try to learn from your past work. I want my SA3 and I'll go away until you need me next May. Some of us will also need unemployment. Don't fight it. There's also some who will require their health benefits. Don't fight this either. They'll pay their part and you pay yours. We'll come back sunny and fresh in May and there's always the chance some won't come back because they'll hit that magic number where they qualify for something. Me, I want my Gold card.

You've trended toward making US a seasonal carrier, so act like it and offer a VPLOA to fit it. But try, try real hard to learn from the past and stop expecting people to be idiots.
"miserable" was the key word here. Not true for the majority of employees, the vast majority. Morale could be improved, but "miserable" is not the way to describe this.

You are only making yourself look silly- even without your Wal*Mart vest.

TP72 is a fantastic F/A, in fact, one of the most positive and fun at the company. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Travelpro in DFW then being on the DFW-PHL flight and TP had the customers smiling and had me in laughter the whole time. Wonderful, professional F/A.

We've been through this before. Moreso than most of your co-workers, you are in your own world, centered around PHX. Nothing much has changed for you from America West. In fact in your eyes, things may be a little bigger and fancier feeling.

Misearable is an appropriate word. The remaining customers are appalled, aside from the once a year trailerfolk. I keep expecting someone from Candid Camera to jump out and tell us it's all a joke. Employees are just numb at this point.

Personally, I've just checked out. I just don't care anymore. The airline died for me long ago. I'm now viewing it as a somewhat embarrassing temporary job. They won.
This is example number one.

HAY GURL! You have no clue. TP72 was on one of my flights where there were significant delays (pilot got on and said, "we are like 50 something in line for takeoff". Really great service even though TP72 got yelled out for crushing someone's computer with a shopping bag. :rolleyes: Thankfully US has people like TP72 who know how to service customers.
US has escaped many a death but we now have a team in the high porches to successfully see that death sticks this time. OOPS there I go being negative again. :lol: That one was just for you UW.
And another thing UWCactus, everyone on here is right. Travel is one of the best flight attendants we have. I myself have to limit my flying with him anymore because I can't stop laughing on the cart or we are having some drama that he is buzzing around my head telling me the wings are going to fall off during turbulence or even ragging on me about my full sized starch bottle I carry. He runs circles around most and your shot at him was uncalled for. Isn't there a Walmart fashion show you have to attend with that vest that makes one look like they are carrying large and in front?
Travel is very popular these days. Especially the second week of June. So many social galas so little time. Remember us little people Travel and yell at the partner of yours to turn down the Star Trek! :p
Thanks Beach.....and imagine trying to fit everything in my schedule around guaranteed reserve days off. It's rough. Can we schedule birthdays for another day? ;) Death to Star Trek on my TV.
Thanks Beach.....and imagine trying to fit everything in my schedule around guaranteed reserve days off. It's rough. Can we schedule birthdays for another day? ;) Death to Star Trek on my TV.
And you as well WCT. Hopefully before we colonize Mars we can negotiate our way through this mess and make it possible. There are fun people on both sides. :up:
My head is not in the sand, but until I see the doom and gloom scenarios play out take note. USAirways has an efficient fleet of aircraft with the exception of the B737's. But they were probably history anyway with the 190 orders. Most of there debt has been financed at good rates with the bulk of obligations coming due in around 6 years. U east has been cut to the bone with two Bk's and U west has always operated with SW looking over their shoulder. US is not big internationally which is a negative but domestically they still have an East coast route structure which provides potential internationally. As a percentage of total revenue US did very well in 2006 and part of 07. Is high fuel an Airline killer? - absolutely. I have read the prognostications from pro's who get paid to forecast but I have no idea how they modeled their conclusions. With knowledge skill and a few omissions you can paint many differing pictures. I hope for USAirways sake they have more endurance than the talking heads believe. Needless to say I think they do..
Listening to what Parker and Kirby have been telling us, they seem quite nonchalant about the whole thing. So either they know something they are not willing to share with us - as in a plan "B" - or they are completely clueless and have risen far above their level of competency.

For the time being at least, I will continue to be cautiously optimistic that these two are not the industry version of Laurel and Hardy.

Ill take whats behind curtain number TWO Monty........