Now this one is Ugly


Mar 4, 2003

There is no need to apologize for this. UAL is simply doing what it thinks is in it''s best interest. Mayor Webb is doing what he thinks is in the city''s best interest. USAirways is currently going through this same process in PHL and PIT, and even with the state of PA.

Denver needs UA because it provides much needed air service. UA needs DEN because my sources tell me that it is UAL''s most profitible hub.

The fly in the ointment at this point is Frontier. They are pushing for more gates on the A concourse for expansion. UAL holds those gates and would be foolish to give them up. I can assure you this will be resolved, anything less would amount to mutually assured destruction.,1413,3...tml

This is getting very ugly,I know this is some serious posturing, but hopefully this can get worked out, the mayor does not seem to be in a negotiating mood. PS Chip I know your coming so in advance I will say that we know that there is alot of work to do till we get this turned around,and this will be one of many bumps in the road along the way.
Here''s my take on it; feel free to shoot holes in my post.
Wellington Webb is a lame duck mayor; out of office on 21 July. He''s trying to be a ''tough guy;'' don''t be surprised to see this resurface if he runs against Hickenlooper in the next mayoral election.
I find Webb & Hickenlooper''s biographies interesting:
Note the government service vs businessman background.

Hickenlooper, in the article that you''ve posted, seems to fully understand that UAL is ''negotiating.'' Note the last paragraph: ''Hickenlooper "strongly believes there has to be a solution that benefits United Airlines and the city of Denver," Lent said. "There will be a new mayor with a new style, but he will continue to advocate the best solution for all stakeholders involved."''

This issue will be quietly resolved. I don''t think that we''ll see any more articles on this after Hickenlooper''s in office.

UAL''s management are a bunch of dirty SOBs. They play hardball. All the time. With everyone. Nothing personal; it''s just business. Their style has drawn ire from many quarters. But they''re very successful so don''t expect them to change their style anytime soon.
I know that many of us at UAL blame management for our problems. Yes, they contributed to the current situation by making a lot of gambles. Had they worked out, UAL would be in much better shape today. But management is doing a damned good job of pulling us out of chap 11. They may be SOBs, but they''re OUR SOBs, working in our (UAL employees'') best interests except when they reach for our wallets. And when they reach for our wallets, you''d better believe that they''re going to get something out of it.
On 7/17/2003 1:08:41 AM 737nCH11 wrote:

Denver needs UA because it provides much needed air service.


Don''t be fooled into thinking that DIA would sit idle with just Frontier and a vacuum where UAL was if they left. There are plenty of other Airlines lining up to fill the void.
I remember hearing when Denver opened, it cost about 50% of the total ground facility costs of Ual.
Also the baggage system was contracted out to not nescessarily the best people. I am not quite sure on this. Can anyone help out on who built the baggage system?

It never worked from the beginning, and continues to have problems.